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Clean Fuels Ohio is a statewide non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the use of cleaner, domestic fuels and efficient vehicles to the transportation industry, government, and the general public.  Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, we work extensively around the state in collaboration with legislators to support a variety of initiatives and legislation that will help ease the barriers to widespread adoption of Alternative Fueled Vehicles. Download our policy agenda here.

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Latest Updates

House Bill 336 Testimony

Read our proponent testimony for House Bill 336.  This testimony was given before the House Finance Committee in support of HB 336, which would create new incentives for alternative fuel vehicles.

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Model Green Fleet Policy

A green fleet policy is a tool for any organization, company or government to set and achieve environmental performance goals related to composition and/or operations of their vehicle fleet.

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Chamber of Commerce Article on CNG for Fleet Managers

We recently collaborated with the Ohio Chamber of Commerce on an article outlining the benefits of CNG for Fleet Managers, and how it has helped Ohio business reduce fuel costs and emissions while improving U.S. energy security.

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Tesla Model S Fire Proves Safety in Electric Vehicles

The first reported incident of a Tesla Model S on public roads revealed that the electric vehicle was able to notify its driver of a problem, and allow for a safe exit.  As details came forward through the investigation, it became clear that the drive would have been in greater danger had they been driving a gasoline vehicle.

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Track Current Legislation

House Bill 336
House Bill 336 has received its first Senate Committee hearing.

House Bill 319
House Bill 319 has been introduced into the House.