Biodiesel offers many performance and environmental benefits compared to regular diesel fuel.

Biodiesel is widely available and most diesel engines can use biodiesel with little or no modifications to the engine or fuel system.  Check our Station Locator to see where Biodiesel is available nearest to you.  Engine deposits are also reduced from biodiesel's low sulfur content, and biodiesel offers greater lubricity which diminishes engine wear.  It’s also a renewable fuel that can be made using domestic resources, such as soybeans or other feedstock.

The cost of biodiesel is typically comparable with petroleum diesel fuel.

Biodiesel can substantially reduce tailpipe emissions when compared to using petroleum diesel.  This alternative fuel can be blended into diesel at varying levels, which can provide emissions benefits (see graph below).  Yet biodiesel is biodegradable and non-toxic and essentially free of sulfur. 

Biodiesel Graph