Natural Gas

The use of natural gas as a fuel source is rapidly gaining acceptance and as its benefits are discovered, its popularity is increasing.

Composed primarily of methane, a lower carbon fuel, natural gas offers great environmental, energy security and economic benefits.  It can be used as compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG)

It offers tremendous savings, typically costing 30% - 70% less than petroleum fuels based on energy equivalency.  Government incentives or financing may help offset higher initial costs for new vehicles or support converting existing vehicles.  Natural gas produces lower tailpipe emissions.  Using conventional sources curb net greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by about 25% compared to diesel or gasoline.  Using renewable natural gas cuts net GHG by 75% to over 100%.  CNG and LNG supports Ohio’s economy because of Ohio’s growing production of fossil and renewable natural gas.

Need to know where to go?  Check out our Alternative Fueling Station Locator Map.

Natural Gas Vehicle Partnership (NGV)

An initiative of Clean Fuels Ohio, the Ohio NGV (Natural Gas Vehicle) Partnership aims to leverage the economic, security and environmental benefits of conventional and renewable natural gas by increasing its use in Ohio’s transportation sector.

We educate Ohio companies, governments and non-profits about NGVs and assist them in deploying them in their fleets while also encouraging individual ownership.  We help foster the development of NG refueling stations and educate policy-makers about strategies to overcome up-front barriers to vehicle ownership.

Partnership activities include:

  • Government affairs work to remove barriers to NGVs in Ohio
  • Educational events, including conferences, ride & drives, training, webinars and more, focused on fleets, industry, government, technicians, emergency responders and others
  • Direct support for CNG/LNG station and fleet project development in Ohio
  • Ohio Information clearinghouse for fleets and industry partners

    To join our partnership contact the Clean Fuels team today.


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