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Did you know that the United States still imports about half of its petroleum, two-thirds of which is in the form of gasoline and diesel. About 90% of Ohio’s petroleum-based fuels are imported from out of state. Dependence on petroleum increases our trade deficit, harms our environment and leaves organizations vulnerable to unexpected price fluctuations and global and national supply chain disruptions.

Advanced fuels are proven performers for your organization’s transportation needs. They reduce risks and negative impacts because they are more stable in cost, reliable and produced domestically, with significant production in Ohio.

Take a closer look at some the most popular and readily available advanced fuel types and the many advantages they offer.  

Ohio's Advanced Fuel Landscape

Up 47.5% from 2017

Up 26% from 2017

Amount of advanced fuels used by all vehicles

MILLION (Gasoline Gallon Equivalent)


Number of advanced fuel vehicles


Source: Department of Energy, Clean Fuels Ohio 2018 Transportation Technology Deployment Report

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