The entire transportation sector is undergoing the greatest change since the invention of the automobile and the technological, societal and business implications are impacting personal mobility.  They are also creating new opportunities to innovate which will extend mobility access to everyone, As a logistics leader and highly urbanized Midwestern state, Ohio is leading much of this change.


This tract will help you learn more about these changes, including autonomous vehicles, truck platooning, the revolution in shared personal mobility services, and Ohio’s leadership in the industry through Smart Columbus, the Route 33 Smart Mobility Corridor and much more.

Tuesday, September 25 - 10:00 AM

Driving Innovation: Benefits & Challenges of New Shared Mobility Models

While the overall impact  of new technologies may save energy, they may dramatically increase energy demands and traffic. The choices we make today will impact the future in ways we likely can’t imagine. Learn about these exciting and disruptive mobility models and technologies and what can be done to achieve benefits and avoid pitfalls.



  • Mark Smith, Technology Integration Program Manager, U.S. Department of Energy, Moderator

  • Creighton Randall, Principal Consultant, Mobility Development Partners

  • Gustavo Ochiuzzo, Chief Executive Officer, Green Commuter

  • Michael Peters, Chief Executive Officer, Sway Mobility/REV Cleveland

  • Alex Slaymaker, Smart Mobility/EV Adoption Team Coordinator, Smart Columbus

Tuesday, September 25 - 2:00 PM

Shifting Gears:  Advanced Trucking & Logistics Technologies

Seemingly futuristic technologies such as semi or fully autonomous vehicles, drones, advanced telematics and efficiency technologies, geo-fencing and others are progressing from the research lab and into the market. Learn which technologies are here today and the opportunities that are on the horizon. 


  • Adrian Burns, Director, Columbus Logistics Council, Columbus Chamber of Commerce, Moderator

  • Michael Lammert, Senior Commercial Vehicle Technologies Engineer, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

  • Kevin Vincent, Vice President of Government, Regulatory and Safety Affairs, Workhorse

  • Christopher Andrws, Director of Mobility & Innovation, Pratt & Miller Engineering

Wednesday, September 26 - 8:30 AM

Life in the Fast Lane:  Ohio's Real-World Leadership

Smart Columbus, the Route 33 Smart Corridor and ODOT’s DriveOhio initiative, and potentially others are vaulting Ohio to a national leadership position in advanced mobility for consumers and the logistics sector. Learn what’s happening now, what’s planned and what it means for the economy in the state as well as in the Midwest,, including the issues that policy-makers are addressing today..



  • James Barna, P.E.,  Executive Director, DriveOhio, Moderator

  • Brandi Braun, Deputy Innovation Officer, City of Columbus, Ohio 

  • Michael Andrako, P.E.,  Director of Public Service, City of Marysville, Ohio

  • Jason Stanford, Development Services Manager, Union County, Ohio Economic Development Partnership

  • Megan O'Callaghan, P.E., Public Works Director, City of Dublin, Ohio

Wednesday, September 26 - 10:15 AM

Driverless Disruptors: Autonomous Vehicle Research, Development & Market Impact

Learn about the autonomous vehicle technologies that will have significant, positive implications for ​those whose circumstances restrict their mobility as well as all consumers, the logistics and freight industry and many other fleet types -- and how they will increase the safety of our transportation system.


  • Maryn Weimer, Senior Associate Director, The Ohio State University Center for Automotive Research, Moderator

  • Peter Voderberg, Managing Director for Regulations & Policy, DriveOhio

  •  J. Sam Lott, Principal, Automated Mobility Services, LLC

  • Joshua Every, PhD, Director of Applied Research, Transportation Research Center

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