Clean Fuels Ohio is the trusted advisor of Ohio's Green Transportation Industry

The Advanced transportation Industry has emerged with a range of solutions for improving economic and environmental performance of vehicles and transportation.  With a combination of market forces, innovative state policies, strategic regional and local collaboration, and industry leadership – Ohio is a leader in the Advance Transportation economy.


Clean Fuels Ohio is your partner, seeking to help Ohio’s advanced transportation industry expand the creation of jobs and economic growth throughout the state as well as partnering with industry members connect with end users interested in deploying advanced transportation solutions to help improve the economic costs and environmental performance of vehicles and transportation services.  Clean Fuels Ohio can partner with your company to assist your expansion in Ohio with the following services:

Market Research & Analysis

Ohio is a fertile market for alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technologies. This results from an economy that includes an especially strong logistics industry and manufacturing, energy exploration and development and much more. Clean Fuels Ohio is uniquely positioned to help assess these market opportunities and offer strategically sound advice. We have connections and experience working with fleets, access to data and tools, and experience conducting various types of market analyses.

Business Development and Connections

We'll leverage our relationships with hundreds of decision makers in Ohio to connect you to prospects who are interested in exploring sustainable transportation technology options. We’ll help make introductions to prospective new customers and partners by networking at individually tailored meetings and other events, to help you get in front of the fleets and market segments that matter to you.

Events & Networking

We have a vast and growing network of fleet contacts through our educational, outreach, project development and Green Fleet certification activities. We have relationships with media outlets around Ohio and national industry news publications. We utilize a variety of social media channels and can customize content and a strategy suited to a partner’s specific goals. We understand the power of visual, especially video, content, and we’ve developed the capabilities to produce content to support our partners and their goals.

Government Affairs & Engagement

We'll work on your behalf with policy makers at the local, state and federal levels to help eliminate the barriers that can impact your organization.  Platinum and Gold members are also able to attend the evening reception of our Annual Statehouse Education & Outreach Day and are always the first to be contacted to serve their space on teams for events like this.

Tailored Client Services

Our team is here to partner with you on a range of tailored services more specific to your organizational needs and strategic goals.  We have the resources and expertise to help you assess the information you need, connect with the right stakeholders and audiences, and get projects done.  We’re happy to discuss tailored services options with your team to identify a scope and ensure we can provide the value in further the needs of the advanced transportation industry in Ohio.

Our Approach:


Clean Fuels Ohio works with partners seeking direct and affordable transitions to improved transportation efficiency and environmental performance.  Whether looking at how to develop your supply chain, make the right stakeholder connections, or grow your customer base, we’ll partner with you on efficient and cost-effective solutions to meet your strategic goals. With years of experience working with Advanced Transportation Industry partners both large and small, our expert staff provide the perfect resource to create a strategic analysis and planning tools, as well as providing connections to information, resources, and end user audiences that move projects forward.

Clean Fuels Ohio: Neutral Expert, Trusted Partner

Clean Fuels Ohio (CFO) is a statewide non-profit organization. Part of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Clean Cities program, CFO’s mission is to help fleets and logistics operations transition from petroleum fuels and vehicles to cleaner, more sustainable fuels and advanced vehicle technologies while saving money over the long-term.


We are experts in all vehicle fuel and technology choices. We have the tools and experience to analyze each unique situation, then help identify solutions. We can work with you to develop short and long-term plans based on your unique fleet and your organization’s specific goals – whether purely economic or some combination that includes environmental sustainability.


Our services are tailored to what you need, and no more. Some fleets need a detailed, multi-year, fully actionable plan, presentable to upper management and based on careful data analyses and follow up discussions. Others need more general advice and discussion of pros and cons of various options, plus the ability to check in periodically and be connected with industry resources that offer specific solutions.


Please contact Andrew Conley at or (614) 884-7336 for a free consultation.

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