Domestically produced, clean, renewable, and safer than petroleum

Biodiesel is a domestically produced, renewable option to petroleum-based diesel and carries lower emissions and increases energy security compared to traditional diesel.

It's a liquid fuel often referred to as B100 or neat biodiesel in its pure, unblended form, and is used to fuel compression-ignition engines.


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Biodiesel is projected to have a meaningful, positive influence on the nation’s economy. The biodiesel industry is anticipated to create 74,000 jobs and generate $7.4 billion in GDP by next year. Currently, the national average price per gallon of biodiesel B20 is a few cents higher than conventional diesel fuel. But, withimpending environmental regulations, increased global demand for diesel fuel, and increased investment into biofuel production, biodiesel projects to become a cheaper fuel alternative in the near future.

When compared to petroleum diesel, biodiesel can substantially reduce tailpipe emissions, including hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and particulate matter.  These reductions can be realized in both 100% use of

biodiesel (also known as B100) or in biodiesel blending at lower percentage uses.  When used in combination with emission control reduction technology, nitrogen oxide emissions can also be reduced to near-zero levels. 

Biodiesel in Ohio 

4 stations throughout the state

4,696 fleet vehicles 

1.959,791 gallons of gasoline equivalent used 

Source: Department of Energy, Clean Fuels Ohio 2018 Transportation Technology Deployment Report

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