Clean Fuels Ohio is the trusted advisor of Ohio's Green Transportation Industry

Our Consulting

Clean Fuels Ohio offers a wide range of advanced transportation consulting services for fleets of all types, governments, developers, building owners, and those in the advanced vehicles and fuels industries. For nearly 20 years, our mission has been to improve the economic and environmental performance of fleet vehicles. We remain fuel and technology-neutral, committed to providing clear cost-benefit information, and focused on how we can help you deploy solutions that save money to achieve quantifiable results. Whatever your specific need, our services will help you leverage the benefits from the growing interest, markets and opportunities from advanced transportation.    We assist with:

○  Fleet Analysis, Planning, Project Execution 

○  Training 

○  Accessing Funding  

○  Charging and Fueling Planning & Development  

○  Government Affairs  

○  Business Connections  

  Market Research & Analysis

Who We Serve

○  Private Fleets and Government Fleets of All Types and Sizes

○  Local Governments, Agencies and Authorities

○  Commercial Developers and Building Owners/Managers

○  Companies in Advanced Transportation Industry

Our Approach

Clean Fuels Ohio works with partners seeking direct and affordable transitions to improved transportation efficiency and environmental performance.  Whether looking at how to make your current practices more efficient and cost-effective, or planning for the transition to alternative fuels and vehicle efficiency technologies. With years of experience working with fleets both large and small, our fleet advisors provide the perfect resource to create a strategic analysis and planning tools, as well as providing connections to information, resources, and incentives that move projects forward.

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What We Do

Clean Fuels Ohio provides a range of services for fleet and industry partners to help better serve target markets and meet both company and customer needs. Our services can be tailored to help your business achieve its goals.

Fleet Services

  • Efficiency & Management Best Practices

  • Alternative Fuel Options Analysis & Replacement Planning

  • Station & Infrastructure Planning

  • Grant Writing & Grant Management

  • Operator, Technician, & Safety Training

Incentive Program Development for Government

  • Rebate or grant programs for EV charging or alternative fuels infrastructure

  • Clean Vehicle Incentives

EV Infrastructure Planning

  • Community Based Charging Infrastructure Planning

  • Technical Specifications, Vendor Selection and Development of Site-Specific Charging

  • Securing Incentives for EV Charging

  • EV Consumer Education Including Ride and Drives

  • Policy Development for Workplaces, Multi-Unit Residential Buildings, Public Sites

Advanced Transportation


  • Market Research & Analysis

  • Business Development and Connections

  • Events and Networking

  • Government Affairs & Engagement

Who We Are

Clean Fuels Ohio is Uniquely Qualified to Help You Achieve Your Goals Related to Clean, Affordable, Advanced Transportation.

Knowledgeable and Well-Connected:


We are experts in all vehicle fuel and technology choices. We have the tools and experience to analyze each unique situation, then help identify solutions. We can work with you to develop short and long-term plans based on your unique fleet and your organization’s specific goals – whether purely economic or some combination that includes environmental sustainability. 

Non-Profit, Mission-Driven:


Clean Fuels Ohio (CFO) is a statewide non-profit organization. Part of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Clean Cities program, CFO’s mission is to help fleets and logistics operations transition from petroleum fuels and vehicles to cleaner, more sustainable fuels and advanced vehicle technologies while saving money over the long-term. 



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