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Energy Markets: What is the New Normal

Transportation energy and vehicle markets were undergoing major changes even before the pandemic. Now the situation seems like sheer chaos. Will this industry settle on a "new normal?" What will that look like? Will the focus on climate concerns fade? Does the national and global cooperation required to address climate concerns challenge us to apply a similar effort and approach to successfully solve a much longer-term crisis?

Future of Freight Movement and Work Vehicles

What impacts from the pandemic have we seen, and what will we continue to see in freight movement? Will logistics and shipping continue to grow? If so, what will that look like? Will this industry continue to move toward advanced vehicle technologies, or will ongoing economic impacts lead to a reversal toward alternative fuels? Could we experience something in between?? What is the new normal and what is future of freight movement and work vehicles? We will be covering regional, logistics facilities, last mile delivery, rail and air, plus municipal and vocational. Join our discussion as we seek to understand how these issues will play out. 

Future of People Movement and the Transportation System

The COVID-19 crisis threatens to devastate shared mobility services. It is especially threatening to public transit, but we’re also tracing its affects on transportation network companies and taxi services. How are these issues progressing? Will we see a new normal or will we return to pre-pandemic patterns and trends as the crisis subsides? How will these changes impact efforts to make services and the overall transportation more environmentally sustainable? Will any of these factors change the trajectory of advanced technologies for this fleet sector? Learn and join the conversation.

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