Get predictable savings, sustainable results and a clear return on your investment

Do you need to reduce the operating and fuel expenses of your fleet but are concerned about the return on your investment?  What about improving your organization's environmental impact?  If you're faced with these challenges, we can help.

We have worked with hundreds of private and public sector organizations to identify and implement game changing strategies that deliver predictable savings and a return on investment.  At the same time, we focus on helping them achieve their sustainability goals.   Our approach begins by developing a comprehensive understanding of each client's needs and conducting an in-depth analysis.  We combine these findings with our expertise across the spectrum of advanced fuels and vehicle technologies to pinpoint the best solution and offer additional flexible services, including implementation assistance, post-deployment support, training, and access to funding opportunities to maximize their ongoing success.   We also recognize our clients for their success through our highly acclaimed Ohio Green Fleets program, and last, but certainly not least, as a nonprofit, our prices are far below those of other consulting firms.

Take a closer look at how our services can add up to superior results and greater value for your organization.

implementation plans that helps them get the job done. 

Take a closer look at how our services can help you select and implement the best solution - and start driving greater results to your bottom line.

Our Services


    As part of our analytics-led approach, we can temporarily install data logging equipment into selected vehicles and benchmark your operating data with similar fleets.  We'll also analyze how various fuels and technology options would perform and compare costs and environmental outcomes.  Once our recommendations are made, we'll work closely with you every step along the way to ensure that the implementation process is seamless.  In addition, we'll provide ongoing support as well as recommendations on future advancements in fuels and technologies that are right for you. 


    Since 2008, we've secured $100+ million in competitive grants from funding sources for our members and clients.  We'll work on your behalf with Ohio-based and national foundations, non-profits and organizations to identify opportunities and can write the applications and secure the funding for you.

    Examples of our funding sources include grants and settlements. We offer flexible pricing based on a percentage of the funding, plus a small upfront fee, or pay-per service at a proposed rated based on the projected time to complete the application.


    Does your staff need training on vehicle maintenance, data capture, efficient driving, or other topics? 


    We'll customize a training program to meet your specific needs, and in any format, including webinars, formal in-person sessions, tutorials, group discussions, lunch-n-learns, and more. 


    We'll also keep you up-to-date on other topics to ensure that your team remains current.


    In addition to helping fleets reduce their petroleum usage and vehicle emissions since 2008, we recognize them for their success through our highly acclaimed Ohio Green Fleets program.  This program, which was created in cooperation with the Ohio EPA and the U.S. EPA, incorporates three levels of certification through a five-star rating system. 


    Once your fleet is certified, we'll help promote your accomplishments to your customers and an even broader community.

Your Benefits

  • Cost-effective consulting fees that are designed to meet the needs of any project, regardless of size or scope

  • 20+ years of experience in advanced fuels and vehicle technologies

  • A track record of successful consulting engagements and deployments

  • Unbiased, objective recommendations that are based on in-depth analysis rather than an off-the-shelf solution

  • Comprehensive, flexible services

  • Recognition for your achievements


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