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Improving Vehicle Cost-Effectiveness & Environmental Performance

As a fleet or logistics leader, your #1 job is to make sure that your vehicles work right and do their job – 100% of the time. But today, you and your team are asked to do more with less. Plus, if senior management hasn’t asked for your plan for environmental sustainability, they soon will.


Clean Fuels Ohio is here to help – from assessing options, helping to develop a plan, then working with you and your team to execute.

Efficiency & Management

Best Practices

We help establish initial operating baselines, develop key performance indicators (KPIs) and assess current operations to provide a framework for initial and ongoing evaluation. From there, we recommend a variety of strategies to increase operational efficiencies. These may include modifications to existing vehicles, specifications for new vehicles for increased efficiency, right-sizing to increase utilization, and use of basic or advanced telematics to enable data driven decision making.

Advanced Vehicle &

Fuel Options Analysis & Replacement Planning

We assess how advanced vehicle and fuel choices, such as electric, natural gas, propane Autogas, biofuels and others might fit operationally and which, if any, offer a return on investment over defined periods of time. We project impacts of various choices on the health and environmental impact of fleet operations so you can chart a course for sustainability. We help with vehicle specifications and solicitations. We help you develop a comprehensive, long-term plan then stick with you to guide implementation while continuing to measure changes in KPIs.

Facilities: Refueling and/or Recharging & Maintenance

If your plan includes advanced fuels or vehicles, we work with you to scope and execute your needs for vehicle recharging or refueling. We also advise on any specific needs and associated costs related to your maintenance facilities, so there are no costly surprises. We can assist with processes to develop specifications advise on vendor selection, and work with project partners on getting jobs done right. 

Grant Writing & Grant Management

Since 2008, we've secured $100+ million in competitive grants from government and private funding sources for our members and clients. We'll work on your behalf with Ohio-based and national government agencies and private funders that may offer assistance based on your needs and plan.

Technician, Safety and Operator Training

Does your staff need training for vehicle operators, maintenance technicians, and safety? We'll customize a training program to meet your specific needs and keep you up to date on other topics to ensure that your team remains current.

We are Uniquely Qualified to Work with Fleets.

Knowledgeable: With the rapid pace of technology and market change, it’s hard to keep up with what is bleeding edge, cutting edge and tried and true. As a U.S. Department of Energy Clean Cities coalition, we have access to a wide range of technical resources and ongoing peer implementer experience and constantly tap those to guide you. We have years of helping fleets successfully implement solutions.

Fuel, Technology and Vendor-Neutral: Today, we see so many offer themselves up as fleet consultants. However, most come with a point of view and interest to drive fleets toward certain options and away from others. Our approach is entirely client-centered; our analysis is objective, data-driven and oriented toward outcomes and priorities that you define.

Non-Profit, Mission-Driven: We are passionate about our mission to transform Ohio’s transportation sector so it’s more secure, environmentally sustainable and produces greater prosperity. As a non-profit, our rates are affordable.


Our Promise:  We offer free initial consultation. Based on our initial assessment of your fleet, we will tell you whether we can be of assistance based on your goals. We will recommend no action rather than encouraging you to adopt solutions you can’t afford or fit with operations. If you decide at any point that you are not interested in implementing advanced transportation solutions, we will discontinue our efforts and you will owe us only for the work performed to that point.


Please contact Sam Spofforth at or (614) 884-7336 for a free consultation.

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