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We are experts in all vehicle fuel and technology choices. We have the tools and experience to analyze each unique situation, then help identify solutions. We can work with you to develop short and long-term plans based on your unique fleet and your organization’s specific goals – whether purely economic or some combination that includes environmental sustainability.


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Clean Fuels Ohio (CFO) is a statewide non-profit organization. Part of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Clean Cities program, CFO’s mission is to help fleets and logistics operations transition from petroleum fuels and vehicles to cleaner, more sustainable fuels and advanced vehicle technologies while saving money over the long-term.


Our Promise:

We offer free initial consultation. Based on our initial assessment of your fleet, we will tell you whether we can be of assistance based on your goals. We will recommend no action rather than encouraging you to adopt solutions you can’t afford or fit with operations. If you decide at any point that you are not interested in implementing advanced transportation solutions, we will discontinue our efforts and you will owe us only for the work performed to that point.

We are Uniquely Qualified to Help Your Plan and Deploy EV Charging Assets

For Governments, Fleets, Building Owners, Site Hosts, & Developers with their

Planning and Deploying of EV Charging






Growth in electric vehicles (EVs) and other advanced vehicles today and anticipated in the future will change how, when and where we ‘fuel” our vehicles. These changes require communities to plan ahead. For EVs, any place where vehicles remain parked for any length of time, and all types of travel destinations, are potential sites for new charging facilities. These include multi-unit residential dwellings, workplaces, downtowns and other retail districts, individual retailers, parks, libraries, community centers, and tourist attractions. These are in addition to traditional fuel stations and fleet headquarters.


Forward-thinking communities and their governments need to plan. How many charging stations are needed, where and what types? Are there funding sources?  Commercial property developers and owners of all types need to get a handle on options and take advantage of opportunities. Who are the suppliers and what options to they bring to the table? How much do they cost? Who can install and how do people evaluate qualifications? Fleets need to answer a similar set of questions but framed based on how EV fleet deployments will grow and how EVs will be used.

Community Based Infrastructure Planning

Our staff can work with you to identify what charging assets are needed, how many, and where. Public DC fast charging (DCFC) is the greatest need but “level 2” public in high visitation locations is beneficial. Employers, developers and owners of multi-unit dwellings need to be involved, understand growing demands and options. Providers of traditional and new mobility services need to be served. Electric utilities are critical partners and we can engage them in the process.

Commercial and Residential Property Owners and Developers

Commercial offices and other workplaces, multi-unit residential buildings and retail locations all are high priority locations for EV charging facilities. EV charging is an increasingly important and priority amenity to attract employees, residents and customers. We can help you determine the right equipment and select qualified installers, how much charging to install initially and planning for future growth, technical and power supply issues, strategies to educate employees, customers and residents, help access any available incentives, and more.

Workplace Charging

Workplace charging offers a special opportunity for employers to offer an affordable amenity that will be increasingly valuable for recruitment and retention as more employees consider purchasing EVs as the market grows and EVs become increasingly desirable. We can help navigate equipment choices and technical issues and work with your utility on power supply. We also can help set up workplace EV charging use policies. We can support efforts to educate employees through EV “ride-and-drives” and other strategies. Finally, we can assist in leveraging even greater value in the medium term for using plugged in vehicles as energy demand response assets for reducing building energy costs.

Local Policies and Incentives

We can work with you to identify any available incentives that may be available through utilities, state government, local government or other sources, then apply on your behalf or assist you directly. We also can advise you on applicable local and/or state laws and regulations that govern installation and operation of EV charging facilities to make sure you are in compliance.

Please contact Sam at Sam@CleanFuelsOhio.org or (614) 884-7336 for a free consultation.

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