Smart Mobility Charrette for Local and State Policy Makers, Planners and Key Stakeholders

1:00 - 4:30 pm (3 hr 30 min)

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4:30 pm



Breakout Session #2 (3:45 - 5:00 pm)

Smart Mobility: Challenges & Opportunities in a Changing Landscape (1 hr 15 min)

“Smart Mobility” has achieved the status of jargon. It’s meaning seems to depend on who you are and your interest and role in transportation. One key pillar of the concept is sharing vehicle assets, rather than tying use of one vehicle to one person. Others include safety, system and individual vehicle efficiency, advanced vehicle technologies, increased environmental sustainability, reduced costs, and increased access to mobility by those who have struggled with isolation. Tying everything together and helping to enable these results is technology, especially real-time mobile communications and data. It’s a powerful vision. Yet, as smart mobility takes form, we see potential challenges and pitfalls, including increased congestion, the potential for greatly increased energy consumption, adverse environmental impacts, safety concerns from new modes, and uncertainties about how new transportation services can be integrated into existing ones. In this session, you will learn where we are today, what’s on the horizon, and possible solutions that are truly smart.

Moderator: Luke Stedke, Managing Director of Communications, DriveOhio

Creighton Randall, Chief Executive Officer & Principal Consultant, Mobility Development Partners

Kevin Schwain, Electric Vehicle Program Lead, Xcel Energy

Corey Ershow, Policy Manager, Lyft

Maureen Marshall, Midwest Regional Director, Calstart

Patrick Harris, Director of Government Affairs & Special Projects, Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) 




Breakout Session #4​ (10:30 - 11:45 am)

Shared Solutions to Decarbonize Employer/Employee Transportation Needs (1 hr 15 min)

With all the focus on shared mobility, most employees in Midwestern states still commute to and from work in single occupancy vehicles. With drivers providing services through transportation network companies (TNCs) adding to the mix, our roads are becoming more congested, not less. How can we reverse this trend? Can solutions be found in traditional transportation service providers, new shared services, both or options that are still new and untested? What will help employers concerned about losing employees over the time and expense of commuting? Can shared platforms offer value to fleets by serving transportation needs that some employees have in performing day-to-day job functions? Come to this session to learn and discuss what some solution providers are offering, the impacts on commuters, employers and potentially on fleet operators.

Moderator: Allegra Wiesler, Senior Sustainability Consultant, OhioHealth

Joe MacDonald, Manager of Environmental Planning, Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency (NOACA)

Aslyne Rodriguez, CEO & Co-Founder, EmpowerBus

Mary Till, Director of Business Development, Sawatch Labs

Audra Willing, Corporate Affairs & Marketing Manager, Luum

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