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"Very lively, interactive, knowledgeable and entertaining"

"All the speakers seemed very knowledgeable about their topics and really gave a nice, simplified overview.  I also enjoyed the breakdown of grants and how those are being awarded."​

"The diversity of strategies was very interesting and valuable."

"True pros.  Everyone was an expert and it was noticeable."

"Thank you to everyone for taking the time to educate all of us who are learning."

"Excellent, high-level presenters down to the tactical application of tank maintenance and purchasing!"

"This particular session was absolutely fascinating!"

"Very eye-opening about what the future holds."

The Midwest Green Transportation Forum & Expo is the foremost event of its kind in the region and has gained national acclaim for excellence.

No other event in Ohio offers the caliber of training and quality of plenary and breakout sessions in advanced fuels and vehicle technologies. The event, which was formerly known as the Midwest Green Fleets Forum & Expo, has been renamed to expand its focus on advanced transportation and the opportunities and challenges that face fleet owners, commercial developers, employers, manufacturers, utilities, planners, and policy makers are facing today.

If you're tasked with identifying the right advanced fuel and vehicle technologies for your organization, this is a must-attend event. You'll also want to attend if you're considering advanced mobility solutions or installing electric charging stations at your workplace or building. More than 60 industry experts will share their knowledge of alternative fuels, including biodiesel, electric, natural gas, and propane, as well as the myriad of vehicle technologies that are available today. In addition, dozens of industry vendors will be standing by at the Expo to answer your questions and to give valuable advice.


You'll gain more knowledge in just three days and may even make more connections at the event than if you attended several events throughout the year.  Think of the time and money you'll save!  And even more importantly, you'll be much more prepared to begin developing your "blueprint for success" in advanced fuels and vehicle technologies! 


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