Biodiesel and Renewable Diesel Sessions

Biodiesel and Renewable Diesel 

Standards and OEM Perspectives

Biodiesel entered the commercial fuel market in 1999. Since then the industry has worked hard to earn the confidence of diesel engine makers, fleets, and fuel distributors. The National Biodiesel Board’s (NBB) BQ-9000 program continues to set standards for manufacturing, blending, and distribution, with active participation of diesel engine and vehicle makers, distributors, and other stakeholders. This session will focus on the BQ-9000 program today, featuring perspectives of engine makers, biodiesel manufacturers, and qualified distributors. This quality-focused ecosystem provides a proven set of best practices combined with a network of certified industry providers to ensure successful operation and maintain a strong foundation for any fleet making the switch to biodiesel. Learn directly from BQ-9000 industry stakeholders about how the program continues to ensure fleet success.


Fleet Best Practices for Biodiesel Use

Most diesel vehicles can successfully use biodiesel in blends of up to 20%, or B20. These blends are a drop-in replacement for standard petroleum diesel. Successful biodiesel fleets have learned a set of best practices and developed industry relationships that have enabled them to enjoy extremely reliable operating success, cost parity to diesel, performance advantages, and superior environmental sustainability to petroleum diesel. These best practices aren’t complex but understanding and adhering to them is important. This session will feature leaders of several biodiesel fleets. It will provide the opportunity for you to learn from their experience and follow their lead to enjoy consistently reliable operations and benefits.

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