Frequently Asked Questions

Exhibitor Questions

Q: What does "virtual exhibitor account" entail?

A: Virtual exhibitors will have access to an account in the Whova app that will allow them to post their own, customized content for attendees to see including live streams and videos. Their account will serve as their company's hub where attendees can gather, exchange information, message inside of the app, and learn more about products and services.


Q: Can you explain more about the lead retrieval and e-business card exchange features for sponsors and exhibitors?

A: The lead retrieval feature is designed to assist exhibitors organize their post-event follow up. Attendees can leave their contact information for exhibitors simply by pressing a button on the exhibitor profile. The e-business card exchange feature is exactly like a regular business card exchange so you can message outside of the app.


Q: How can I increase traffic to my exhibit profile?

A: Clean Fuels Ohio staff will create a schedule for push notifications for our sponsors and exhibitor to drive attendees to their profiles. We will also feature every exhibitor on at least one day of the VIP exhibitor hall tour. Your sponsorship package may also include social media call-outs that our staff will work with you to create.

Agenda Questions

Q: Last year there were two sessions occurring at the same time and I didn't get to listen in. Will that happen this year?

A: No. Because we're spreading the event out over two weeks, we will never have more than one session running at a time. If you are unavailable to attend a session you're interested in, we will have a recorded version available in the app.


Q: I see you've been advertising a daily "virtual exhibit hall tour." What does that mean?

A: Every day from 9:00am-10:00am EST we will host a digital meeting where we feature up to five exhibitors. They will be able to share information about their products and services with attendee and exchange contact information.


Q: What if I don't get to all of the networking sessions I would like to in the two weeks of the event?

A: The app will be live for six months after the event concludes. Sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees will have access to the networking functions in the app for a full six months post-conference

Attendee Questions

Q: How did the conference timeline change?

A: We previously planned to hold the conference over a two-day period with content running all day. We have since updated this to provide the same amount of high-value content over a period of two weeks with a few hours of sessions and networking every day.


Q: This is my first time attending a virtual conference and I don't know how to use the app. What resources do you have available to help me so I can still participate?

A: Whova is providing us with training resources for sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees so everyone can have a good grasp on the app before the conference begins. If you run into any issues during the conference, you can either refer back to the training materials, or message one of the Clean Fuels Ohio staff members to assist you.


Q: I don't want to use my cell phone to listen in on sessions all day. Can I still participate in another way?

A: Yes! The Whova app has both a mobile and a desktop interface. If you don't want to use your smart phone to participate in the conference, you can log in on your computer instead.

Q: This has historically been a regional event; what is the audience going to look like this year?

A: Since this event will require no travel, we anticipate a national audience.With in-person events in years past, we've been constrained to a limited number of audience members set by the venue. Because 2020 will be a virtual conference, we can share our content with up to 1,500 attendees.


Q: Do I have to give my contact information to people if I don't want to?

A: Your contact information will be provided to Presenting and Title Level Sponsors as part of their packages. However, you don't have to provide your contact information to other attendees. Attendees can message each other through the app, set up meetings, and interact through the Community Board. There are plenty of other ways to still participate in networking even if you don't want to share your contact information right away.


Q: Is Clean Fuels Ohio offering any additional benefits to members this year because of the pandemic?

A: Yes, for this year only we are offering several benefits to members. First, the prices of our sponsorships are significantly cheaper than in years past; on average they are over 50% discounted. Second, while Platinum and Gold Members will still receive complimentary virtual exhibitor spaces, Silver Members will also receive complimentary spaces for the 2020 conference. All members will receive a copy of the attendee list and Platinum and Gold Members will have their logos hosted on the event website.

PLEASE NOTE: The Midwest Green Transportation Forum & Expo took place on September 14-25, 2020, and the agenda has officially concluded.

HOWEVER, you can still register as an attendee through the registration link and gain access to recordings of all the sessions and to the networking features for up to 6 months.

Questions about how to use the conference app? Contact us!

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