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CNG Vehicle Peer Fleet Experiences

Fleets finding operational and financial success with natural gas have followed certain best practices. They understood and accounted for all critical factors: vehicle specifications aligned to operational considerations, maintenance practices, partnerships and technician training focused on handling NGVs differently than diesel units, and good partnerships with fueling infrastructure providers. While there have been bumps in the road, many municipal, vocational, and over-the-road fleets are operating NGVs at a positive ROI compared with diesel and have worked through maintenance issues associated with an early version of heavy-duty NG engine. These fleets are also delivering environmental sustainability benefits. Some are now taking the additional step of seamless integration of renewable natural gas (RNG), gaining net carbon reductions of 70% to 100% compared with diesel units. Learn about the evolution in NGV medium to heavy-duty technologies and ongoing lessons learned shaping successful fleet experiences. 

Renewable Natural Gas: Low Carbon Transportation Solution

Today NGVs using renewable natural gas (RNG) deliver climate sustainability and air quality benefits comparable to or greater than any other solution. For fleets using or planning to use NGVs, integration of RNG is seamless and equal in cost to conventional natural gas. As a result, RNG is the fastest growing cleaner fuel of any in the medium to heavy duty sector. This session will provide a basic understanding of the essentials and potential of RNG, and the straightforward process any current or future NGV fleet operator can follow to use RNG- plus implementation partners to help make it happen. You will also understand the overall potential for RNG to produce enormous climate benefits based on available feedstocks and proven technologies.

**Please note we will also be featuring a session on NGV Maintenance Experiences and Best Practices

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