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Federal and Midwest Policy, Models and Outlook

Economic conditions have devastated federal and state budgets. However, this crisis also presents a tremendous need for government action. Investments by federal and state governments are necessary to help our economy recover and put us on a path toward longer term prosperity and environmental sustainability. However, if we fail to act, the U.S. and our region risk falling behind other countries and regions as well become less economically competitive. Participate in this session to understand the lay of the land at the federal and state level, what various industry sectors are holding priority, and possibilities that could emerge depending on the outcome of the November elections.  Add your voice and perspective to the conversation. 

Local Transportation Policy Models and Campaign

Local governments are increasingly becoming focal points for action on clean transportation because local leaders are closest to the public. They are thus less inclined toward partisanship and more receptive to ideas and practical solutions. Even with current and near-term economic constraints, local governments can do much to facilitate solutions for their constituents such as move toward advanced technology and fuel implementation for fleets, contract preferences for green construction and building codes, and parking regulations that facilitate EV charging. Motivated local leaders can be powerful community conveners. In partnership with industry members and advocates, they can work with local businesses and other community stakeholders to get things done. Hear about some successful policy efforts throughout the region and how the Powering a Clean Future Ohio campaign is working to drive innovation at the local level. 

Advanced Auto Manufacting and Jobs

Ohio, Michigan and Indiana are leaders in automotive, truck, and supply chain manufacturing and jobs. Today, the automotive industry is changing rapidly with improvement in electric and other advanced vehicle technologies and fuels. Many of these changes are driven by global market conditions. Our states must evolve if we are to remain manufacturing and jobs leaders. Some hopeful signs are emerging from the Voltage Valley, a.k.a. Mahoning Valley, region of Ohio and elsewhere. Hear from leaders in industry and government about what’s happening now and what policies are needed to leverage longer term economic success.

Clean Transportation Solutions for All

Lower income communities of color are disproportionately impacted by pollution and its negative health consequences. Individuals often lack access to mobility services and reliable personal transportation. Many rural community residents also struggle economically and lack mobility. Urban and rural people alike lack access to the benefits of electric and other advanced, cleaner vehicles. This session will focus on strategies to extend the benefits of clean transportation, shared and individual, to disadvantaged urban and rural communities. We will also focus attention on cost-effective strategies and vehicle technologies to replace dirty diesel vehicles with cleaner alternatives. 

Utility Roles in EV Charging: Defining and Building Consensus

As more utilities develop transportation electrification programs, defining appropriate roles for utilities, EVSE companies, site hosts and other players is becoming critical. In 2019 Ohio HB 247, was introduced. This legislation would define an expanded role for utilities in all aspects of grid modernization, including EV charging siting, funding, and ownership. The legislation has accelerated a lively debate on these topics. However, the health of the sector and progress of transportation electrification requires utilities, the EV charging industry, governments, and others to work together. Through debate and dialogue, can we find consensus? Join this panel and add your voice as we seek to define a pathway and find solution. 

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