Propane Autogas Fleets Sessions

Propane Autogas Fleets

Renewable Propane Autogas

Conventional propane autogas offers air quality and climate benefits above both gasoline and diesel. Renewable propane provides greater environmental benefits with zero differences operationally and at comparable costs. Now, some propane suppliers have built the production and logistical capabilities to deliver renewable propane to fleet markets in the Midwest. By participating in this session, you will learn about renewable propane, feedstocks and processes used to make it, the specific emissions reduction and net climate benefits it offers, how it’s being made available in our market, and how you can obtain it for your existing or planned autogas fleet. 


Advances in Autogas Technologies

Today, autogas vehicle technology is mature, proven, and reliable across a range of light to medium-duty platforms. Yet the industry continues to develop with innovations that achieve greater efficiencies and power. The new near zero emissions engine is an example of these developments. These new engines produce NOx and particulate emissions well below strict federal standards – the same standards that new diesels don’t meet, based on in-use testing results. New, specially designed autogas nozzles make the refueling process as user friendly as any liquid fuel without the smell or environmental hazard. These innovations open opportunities for public commercial refueling stations to extend driving ranges. Learn about these and other advances in autogas technologies in this session.

Propane Autogas Peer Fleet Experiences

Even as diesel and gasoline prices have stabilized and declined over the past five years, fleet markets for propane autogas vehicles – school buses, shuttles, work trucks, vans, commercial delivery vehicles, mowers and others – continue to grow. What was once a well-kept secret among alternative fuels, autogas is a trusted choice for performance, environmental benefits, and total cost of ownership that is clearly superior to diesel and gasoline. This session will provide the opportunity to hear how a wide variety of fleets have made the transition to propane autogas. Learn best practices and get answers to questions covering vehicle specifications, fueling solutions, and maintenance. Understand how choices have translated in operating costs and environmental performance. 

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