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Recent discussions within the NGV industry have suggested the need for choices in paths to certify CNG Fuel System Inspectors. Fleets (and individuals) with natural gas vehicles are required to have their vehicles inspected for compliance with manufacturers’ guidelines for system integrity and safety every 3 years or 36,000 miles by a ‘certified’ fuel system inspector. The word ‘certified’ is a loaded term. It means different things to different people. When technicians take my class we issue a certificate that basically says that they were in their seat and upright at the end of the class. But the definition suggested in the Compressed Gas Associations’ Pamphlet C-6.4 requires that they

Federal Settlement with Volkswagen Could Mean Big Dollars for Diesel Clean Up and Zero Emission Vehi

After months of negotiations between the Justice Department, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Volkswagen (VW), the federal government and VW have reached a “partial settlement” regarding the company’s illegal tampering to bypass established emissions standards. This illegal activity affected 11 million vehicles around the world, releasing large amounts of health-threatening excessive nitrogen oxide (NOx) pollution. The settlement has three main parts: 1. Recall of 85% of affected vehicles through buy backs and lease termination, and emissions modifications; 2. Creation of a $2.7 billion national fund to remediate NOx emissions where violating VW vehicles operated or

State of Ohio Releases New $12 Million Round of DERG

The Ohio EPA, in partnership with the Ohio DOT, has announced the latest round of funding for the Diesel Emission Reduction Grant (DERG) Program. This program grants funding for up to 80% of the incremental cost for the replacement, repower, or retrofit of older diesel engines with new technologies, including clean diesel, alternative fuels, and anti-idling equipment (however select public fleet vehicles qualify for higher funding). Public and private fleets are eligible to apply across a variety of vehicle types, including both on-road, off-road, locomotive, and maritime. Applying fleets must also operate 65% or more of the time in non-attainment Ohio counties. Total funding for this rou

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