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Clean Fuels Ohio 2016 Policy Recap

Clean Fuels Ohio’s Policy Department was extremely successful in 2016. We saw several major accomplishments in areas that will directly impact the alternative fuels industry. New $5 Million Alternative Fuel Vehicle Grant A $5 million grant program was created through leadership of Senate President Keith Faber and others via HB 390. Eligibility will only be for vehicles 26,000 pounds and above and each applying entity will be limited to $400,000 in grant awards. Additional rules are pending but we anticipate fleets in all counties to be eligible. We do not anticipate any requirement for old engines to be scrapped. Initially the Ohio EPA had deemed local governments ineligible, but we were

Clean Fuels Ohio Spearheads Action on Ohio’s Plan Volkswagen Settlement Funding

As recently recapped, part of the final civil settlement between Volkswagen and the USEPA resulting from Clean Air Act violations requires the company to pay $2.7 billion to an environmental trust. This portion, referred to as Appendix D of the settlement allocates $71.4 million from this trust between 2017 and 2027, based on the approximately 15,000 violating vehicles in the state. Clean Fuels Ohio (CFO) has been hard at work to ensure that Ohio receive the greatest benefits possible from this settlement. Specifically, we held at least three meetings with the Ohio EPA directly and others with a variety of stakeholders from across the industry. We spearheaded one joint Ohio stakeholder lette

ChargePoint Reports on Current Charging Infrastructure

As 2016 comes to a close, the electric vehicle (EV) market saw strong growth, as did the essential charging infrastructure without which widespread adoption of EVs is impossible. ChargePoint released a summary of its State of EV Charging in 2016 report that will be published in full in mid-January. Read the article here:

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