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Lobby Day, 2017

This past Tuesday, it was our pleasure to host Clean Fuels Ohio’s annual statehouse lobby day. This year’s event was a tremendous success. We were extremely fortunate that our event coincided with Senate hearings on Ohio’s General Operating budget. We were able to meet with over 20 legislators and their staff. Most of our discussions revolved around the needs of the alternative fuels industry which we think should include a second round of financial incentives once the existing round is spent. We also discussed the Volkswagen settlement. We urged our legislators to make sure any legislation regarding how settlement funding is to be spent is written correctly under the terms of the settl

Tips on How to use Telematics to Better Manage Your Fleet

Fleet telematics systems have become all the rage of late, allowing fleet managers to remotely monitor vehicle performance and GPS location. This “Big Data” technology carries many advantages. Fleet managers can realistically look at the day-to-day operation of their drivers and equipment. But it carries many pitfalls that can stump fleets, making fleet data difficult to access and understand. These include: overloading of data points, inconclusive trends, or difficult implementation. Midwest Drives, Clean Fuels Ohio’s fleet demonstration program, includes data logging devices that capture how each vehicle performs on the road. By using the FleetCarma platform, data is easily aggregated “

AEP Ohio Case for Electric Vehicle Charging Investments Set for PUCO Hearings

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) is set to begin hearings during the week of June 5 on the proposal submitted by American Electric Power of Ohio (AEP Ohio) for a variety of what would be rate-payer funded investments in plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) charging stations as part of a broader filing on grid modernization. The PEV charging portion of AEP’s proposal is contained in testimony from Scott Osterholt. As proposed, AEP Ohio would invest about $8.1 million over four years with about $6.4 million for actual capital investments for 250 level 2 chargers at various locations, 25 DC fast chargers, and 1,000 residential chargers. AEP Ohio proposes to fully own all equipment, and

A Trip to the Ohio River – Checking In on DERG Fulfillment

Megan Stein, Grants Manager at Clean Fuels Ohio, traveled to the Ohio River in Cincinnati recently to inspect and confirm the completion of a marine tug boat engine replacement project for McGinnis Inc., a grant recipient of the Diesel Emission Reduction Grant (DERG) funding. The M/V Gary Lacey is currently operating on the Ohio River in the Claremont County area. McGinnis was awarded funding to replace the two diesel generator engines and the generators servicing that equipment on-board the vessel. The old equipment, dating back to the early 1990’s, was emitting large amounts of nitrogen-oxide (NOx) and fine particle matter (PM) – both hazardous to human health – into the air around the riv

The Shortcomings of EV Charging at Multi-Unit Dwellings – A Problem with a Solution

Developers of multi-unit dwellings need to look at the trends of the electrical vehicle (EV) marketplace. With EVs on the rise, these developers need to think about meeting the growing adoption of electric vehicles. Younger consumers are buying EVs, and it’s because of the benefits of decreased localized pollution from eliminated tail-pipe emissions, creating healthier and happier communities, and not having to pay for gas week after week, month after month. Increased adoption of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) goes hand-in-hand with charging accessibility. Currently, over 80% of electric vehicle owners charge at home. However, a problem arises with multi-unit dwellings (MUD). The majority

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