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Trump’s Trying to Kill the Clean Cities Program. We Need Your Voice Now

As you may already know, Clean Fuels Ohio is a Clean Cities coalition, established 15-years ago in 2002. But now, the federal budget for fiscal year 2018 (FY18) that begins October 2017 proposed by President Trump would zero out and eliminate the Department of Energy (DOE) Clean Cities program. Elimination of Clean Cities is particularly worrisome to us, our counterparts and thousands of stakeholders throughout the country. Clean Cities was created in 1992 during the administration of President George H.W. Bush following the Energy Policy Act of 1992. The Clean Cities budget has held steady at $34 million per year for the past two fiscal years, a relatively small budget compared to other fed

A Snap Shot of Business Using Propane Auto Gas & Incentives Available for Deploying Propane

Autogas offers strong value as a viable and affordable alternative fuel option for fleets. As the industry grows and evolves, Clean Fuels Ohio will continue to partner with organizations such as the Ohio Propane Gas Association and the Propane Education and Research Council to provide fleets, industry members, and government officials with the latest updates around autogas technology. The Ohio Propane Gas Association continues to offer incentives for both autogas vehicles and lawn mowers. The Propane Education & Research Council is also offering an incentive for new quick nozzle fueling technology, providing fuel savings and improved safety and operation. The Quick Connect Nozzle Incentive P

The Ohio State Budget, and our Dedication to Continuing to Earmark Alternative Fuels

Every two years Ohio’s General Assembly and Governor are called upon to pass a biennial budget bill that funds the operations of the state. The Governor proposes the bill, which is introduced in the Ohio House of Representatives and is considered for several months before being sent to the Senate. This General Assembly’s budget bill is House Bill 49. The House completed its consideration of House Bill 49 a few weeks ago. The Senate has had only a brief time to work on it because the bill must be finalized by the end of June. Perhaps more so than any other legislative action, the biennial budget bill reflects the priorities of the state and determines the course of its agencies for the ne

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