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Smart Columbus Continues Progress with Charging Station Awards for Multi-Unit Dwellings

Smart Columbus has just announced a second round of incentives for installation of charging stations for developers and owners of multi-unit dwellings (MUDs), a.k.a. apartments and condos. This follows awards made within the last several months for several properties included in round one. According to the U.S. Department of Energy and other sources, 80-85% of EV charging occurs at home. Unfortunately, lack of access to charging by people living in multi-unit dwellings is a significant market barrier. That’s why Smart Columbus launched an incentive program for MUD developers and others to install EV charging. Clean Fuels Ohio (CFO) is administering this incentive program on behalf of Smart C

Smart Columbus Launches Rebate Program for EV Taxi Fleets

On June 18, Smart Columbus announced the availability of $30,000 in rebate funding designed to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) by taxi services. The new Smart Columbus Transportation Service Provider Battery Electric Vehicle Rebate Program, which is expected to grow to $120,000 in total funding, is funded by the $10 million grant awarded to Columbus by the Paul G. Allen Philanthropies as the winner of the Smart City Challenge. By introducing more electric taxis to Columbus streets, the program seeks to foster sustainability, educate the public on EVs and capture data on EV usage. Clean Fuels Ohio is administering the program on behalf of Smart Columbus. Rebates of $3,000

Clean Fuels Ohio Assists with the Launch of National CNG, Propane and Hydrogen Training in Columbus

On June 13, Clean Fuels Ohio, in partnership with Marathon Technical Services, completed two days of training courses addressing modifications needed for the housing and maintenance of gaseous fueled vehicles in garages and facilities all around the country. The courses were held at the City of Columbus’ fleet building on the City’s east side. In addition to in-classroom training, tours of outstanding facilities around Ohio were given, including the City of Columbus’ fleet garage, the City of Dublin’s facility (CNG) and Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities garage (propane). The courses focused on modifications needed to house and maintain compressed natural gas (CNG) and propa

Ohio General Assembly Working on Weight Limit Exemption for CNG Trucks.

(Columbus)—The Ohio legislature is considering an amendment that would allow trucks operating on CNG to carry an additional 2,000 pounds over the existing weight limit on federal highways. This additional weight would offset the weight of the tanks which are considerably heavier than diesel tanks. In April, the Federal Highways Administration (FHA) clarified a portion of the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act which requires states to allow the additional weight on federal highways. Ohio currently has an exemption for all roads other than federal highways. “Extending the weight limit exemption to federal highways is a common sense step for policymakers,” said Jason Phillips,

EV's Go Off-Road

On June 15, Clean Fuels Ohio partnered with Smart Columbus, to host an event detailing and showcasing the DANNAR Mobile Power Station (MPS), a new first-to-market off-road electric vehicle designed for construction, maintenance, airport, cargo handling and more! The DANNAR Mobile Power Station® (MPS), the first zero emission off-road vehicle and energy platform of its kind. The American-made MPS is assembled in Muncie, Indiana and is a multi-faceted, energy-efficient workhorse that can clear debris, deliver supplies, tow equipment, and provide days of clean power in an emergency. The platform is the first machine intelligently designed for public works and emergency management professionals

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