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Smart Columbus Passes Major EV Consumer Adoption Milestone

In its February update, Smart Columbus announced that the Central Ohio region has surpassed their goal of increasing market penetration of electric vehicles (EVs). The stated goal was to increase new EV sales from 0.37% of total sales in 2015 to 1.8% in 2020, an increase of nearly 500%. The region not only achieved this goal earlier than planned, but also surpassed the benchmark. According to information from Smart Columbus, EVs made up 2% of 2018 vehicle sales in the region, which is defined as Franklin County plus the six other contiguous counties to Franklin. “Clean Fuels Ohio is pleased to be working with Smart Columbus by organizing ride-and-drives and partnering with employers to educa

New Video Promotes Incentives for Propane Autogas Vehicles in Ohio

Clean Fuel’s Ohio’s Andrew Conley was recently interviewed for a video on grants & incentives that are available for propane autogas vehicles. The video includes information about the Ohio Propane Gas Association’s propane vehicle rebate (up to $5,000 per entity, $1,000 each for vehicles or mowers), the Ohio EPA Alternative Fuel Conversion Grant, and the upcoming Ohio EPA VW Diesel Mitigation Grants. Click here for details on these opportunities. Businesses and government organizations of all sizes have discovered that autogas vehicles deliver one of the lowest total cost-of-ownership of any fuel across many use cases and duty cycles. In addition, propane burns cleaner than gas and diesel,

Drive Electric Dayton Leader Receives Award

Tim Benford, Drive Electric Dayton Chapter Leader, just received an award from the Electric Auto Association for “MVP of the Midwest” for his efforts to organize a Dayton chapter of that association. Electric Auto Association Drive Electric Dayton is a chapter of Drive Electric Ohio, which is an initiative of Clean Fuels Ohio. The awards recognize outstanding achievement in leadership, market impact, and creativity. Formed in 1967, Electric Auto Association is a national membership organization that works to accelerate the widespread adoption of electric vehicles through education, infrastructure support, and demonstration. Tim Benford, President, EV Ambassador, Electric Auto Association's

The Business Case for Biodiesel

Clean Fuels Ohio is working with the Ohio Soybean Association and its members, including Benchmark Biodiesel, and other stakeholders to educate the state and legislators about why biodiesel should be included on the state bid list. Clean Fuels Ohio Policy Director, Jason Phillips, has been meeting with statehouse and state agency staff to introduce decision makers to the Ohio businesses and fleets that benefit from use of this sustainable, domestic, advanced biofuel. Clean Fuels Ohio is also planning a series of working group events with fleets throughout the spring and summer to focus on Biodiesel’s business case and benefits. These will feature fleet-peer success profiles, informational r

Ohio House Passes Transportation Budget is Damaging Compressed Natural Gas and Electric Vehicles

On March 7, the Ohio House of Representatives passed the latest version of the state transportation budget by a vote of 71-27. The budget contains provisions that will be extremely damaging to the alternative fuel industry in Ohio. Included in the legislation is a fee increase on electric vehicles (EVs),plug in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs and compressed natural gas (CNG). The house voted to require owners of EVs to pay a $200 fee per year and PHEVs to pay a $100 fee per year. These fees would be an additional penalty since they would be required up-front rather than the pay-as-you-go method for gasoline taxes. A $200 fee would position Ohio with West Virginia and Georgia as the most

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