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Featured Track: Advanced Fuels

The Midwest Green Transportation Conference is designed to provide a deep dive into the latest Advanced Fuels options and solutions for fleets and the transportation sector. Ohio remains a leader in the deployment of alternative fuel vehicles and stations. Based on data gathered by Clean Fuels Ohio and the US DOE, as of March 2019, Ohio fleets reported the following levels of alternative fuel usage: Vehicle technologies and advanced fuel choices, including economic factors that underlie them, have continued to change within recent months and over the past few years. Staying on top and ahead of change is critical for fleet leaders and technicians. The titles for the Advanced Fuel sessions f

Clean Fuels Ohio Secures $300k Grant from the Joyce Foundation

In July, Clean Fuels Ohio secured a $300,000 grant from Midwest based philanthropy, the Joyce Foundation. The 2-year grant will be directed toward increasing electric vehicle use across Ohio through programs ranging from policymaker education to the expansion of the organization’s grassroots electric vehicle initiative, Drive Electric Ohio. Originally chartered in 1948, the Chicago-based Joyce Foundation holds $1 billion in assets. In 2018, the Foundation gave $50 million to Midwest organizations focused on policy development and advocacy in five areas ranging from gun violence prevention and justice reform to the environment. Ed Miller, Joyce Foundation Program Director, is confident in Cle

Featured Track: Electrification – Gearing Up for an Electric Future (Vehicles, Charging, and Funding

Are you gearing up for an electric future? You won’t want to miss out on the Electrification focused track at the 2019 Midwest Green Transportation Forum & Expo that will feature an electric work vehicle and EV charging equipment showcase and provide perspectives and lessons learned in EV charging equipment deployment. Electric vehicle and supply equipment technologies are advancing rapidly and as this happens, industry leaders and experts are seeing new opportunities for fleet electrification, EVSE and EV funding programs, and collaboration between a wide range of stakeholders from utilities, state agencies, and manufacturers. The Electrification Track will include four breakout sessions on

Featured Track: Fleet Focus

The Midwest Green Transportation Conference is especially oriented toward fleets, with tracks and sessions designed to showcase best practices, solutions, and peer fleet experiences aiming to guide fleet decision making and improve fleet performance. “Fleet attendees will have access to peer fleet leaders in private logistics, vocational, people transportation, government and other fleet sectors who have implemented solutions” said Sam Spofforth, Clean Fuels Ohio Executive Director. “You’ll be able to chat with experts and industry resources in a more productive setting rather than having to travel across the country and spend more time and money.” Managing high-performing vehicle fleets wi

Featured Track: Policy & Planning – Crafting Leadership and Removing Barriers for Sustainable Tr

Are you involved in local or state government? Are you involved in city planning or community development? Join Clean Fuels Ohio at the 2019 Midwest Green Transportation Forum & Expo. The conference will look to address some of city planners’ and local officials’ biggest questions on transportation such as government funding programs for EV charging and legislation for increased access to mobility with concerns for safety. The rapidly changing landscape of smart and connected mobility and transportation electrification that consumers find themselves in today is one that will require not just the work from the private sector or utility providers, but the active involvement and guidance from

Featured Track: Smart Mobility – Driving Innovation and Disrupting Society in the 21st Century

You won’t want to miss out on the Smart Mobility focused track at the 2019 Midwest Green Transportation Conference. These breakout sessions will address some of the fundamental topics of how mobility is changing today and the key factors that are driving this change. As smart mobility takes form, industry leaders see potential challenges and pitfalls, including increased congestion, increased energy consumption, adverse environmental impacts, safety concerns from new modes, and uncertainties about how new transportation services can be integrated into existing ones. The Smart Mobility track will include a smart mobility charrette on Wednesday and two breakout sessions on Thursday and Friday

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