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Clean Fuels Ohio Encouraged by Electric Vehicle Incentives

COLUMBUS, OH – On December 17th, state Senators Sean O’Brien (D-Bazetta) and Michael Rulli (R-Salem) announced legislation to encourage the purchase of electric vehicles in Ohio. The bill would create a $500 sales tax credit for the purchase of one EV for personal use; a $1,000 sales tax credit for each of up to 10 vehicles for commercial use; and a $1,500 sales tax credit for the construction of either commercial or personal use charging stations. The legislation is intended to kick-start Ohio’s emergence in the world of EVs, and the incentives will sunset after five years. The bill will soon be assigned to a committee for consideration by members of the Ohio Senate. On December 5, Governor

Federal Tax Agreement for Alternative Fuels Passed by House

(Columbus)—The much-anticipated tax credits for alternative transportation fuels were passed out of the House Tuesday, December 17. Due to a considerable amount of work being done in Washington on the issue, an agreement was reached to extend alternative fuel credits beyond 2019. Excise tax credits for alternative fuels including compressed natural gas (CNG), propane, and biodiesel are typically renewed and applied to the previous year retroactively. Alternative fuel groups have created a legislative priority to make the credit for multiple years to spur better investment and allow fleets as well as the business community to plan ahead. Tax credit extensions for alternative fuels were inc

Electric Vehicle Registration Tax to Go into Effect in 2020

Beginning in 2020, hybrid and electric vehicle owners in Ohio will be required to pay an annual registration tax. Non-plugin hybrids will be assessed $100 per year, and all vehicles with a plug, both hybrids and full-electrics, will be assessed $200 per year. The taxes are part of a two-year transportation bill and place a disproportionately large cost of Ohio’s infrastructure maintenance on electric vehicle owners compared to the amount of wear-and-tear they place on the road. In April of this year, Governor Mike DeWine signed House Bill 62, the biennial transportation bill which, among other things, increases the statewide gas tax to 38.5 cents per gallon (from 28 cents) by 2020. Many have

Ohio EPA Announces $13 million in VW Grants for Fleets

On December 12, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and Ohio EPA Director Laurie Stevenson announced $13 million in grants will be awarded to 41 entities, including more than a dozen Ohio school districts, to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions from diesel vehicles and equipment. “These funds will help local communities replace school buses and trucks powered by aging diesel engines in areas that do not meet federal air quality standards for ozone,” said Governor DeWine. “By replacing these old vehicles with new, clean models, we will reduce pollution to help create a healthier environment for everyone.” Nitrogen oxide emissions are significant contributors to ground-level ozone pollution. Ohio EPA estima

Clean Fuels Ohio Membership Updates

Over the past several months Clean Fuels Ohio staff have been actively engaging in program planning for 2020. Not only can members expect multiple opportunities throughout the new year to gain insight and connect with solution-providers and end-users, but members will also see a variety of new member benefits included in their membership package. Because Clean Fuels Ohio is increasing staff capacity, we can provide value to our members beyond what was previously possible. Members at higher levels can expect additional assistance with public relations and media exposure where appropriate, access to our customizable menu of media engagement options, the ability to host job postings and other a

Clean Fuels Ohio 2020 Planning: A Message from the Executive Director

Over the past month or so, our staff and I have been preparing for a busy 2020 and we’re excited about how plans are taking shape. I’d like to give our members, fleet partners and stakeholders a preview. We’d also love to hear your thoughts and suggestions about the upcoming year. In January we will kick off our annual Department of Energy Clean Cities survey. We will use this opportunity to gather valuable information from hundreds of implementation partners including fleets, site hosts for refueling and recharging infrastructure and others. This will enable us to help our partners make further progress by facilitating powerful connections with industry members offering solutions. The first

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