Safe Gas Garage

Marathon Technical Services and Clean Fuels Ohio are pleased to provide a series of free, downloadable and online educational materials on the proper and safe way to design, build, and operate maintenance facilities for CNG, LNG, Hydrogen and Propane vehicles.  These are based on our very popular onsite training sessions which we have provided across the USA.


We wish to thank the US Department of Energy for their substantial support to the development and delivery of this important training program.

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This material is based upon work supported by the Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), under Award Number DE-EE0007812.

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Online Training:


Marathon Technical Services and Clean Fuels Ohio have provided online training modules that summarize various aspects of the one day training sessions provided in 2018.  These online modules are in webinar format and can be found by accessing the link below.

Webinar Training Videos:


On-site Training:


In 2018, Marathon Technical Services provided one day on-site training in several US Cities for the four gaseous fuels covered under this program.  This training program was well received and included tours of upgraded garages as well as an interactive classroom session.


If your company or group wishes to receive on-site training in the important area of gaseous fuels compliance in maintenance facilities, please follow the registration link below and indicate:

  • Your name, position, email address and phone number(s).

  • The company or other group(s).

  • The City of the desired training.

  • The approximate number of attendees.

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