Governor Kasich Signs House Bill 390

Clean Fuels Ohio is proud to announce that Governor Kasich signed Ohio HB 390 into law in late June. HB 390 was legislation that was amended to include the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Conversion Program which consists of $5 million for alternative fueled vehicles. This process took more than three years and we had to face difficulties in the legislative process. Certainly, some doubted that we and our members could get this done, even prior to when the Governor signed the bill. Through developing relationships with legislators, clearly demonstrating the need for incentives for the industry and through industry support we were able to convince Ohio policy-makers to approve legislation creating a new grant program.

Now that the bill has been signed into law, the Ohio EPA is required to make rules to govern the grant program. Specifically, these rules will determine a variety of things that are not explicitly stated in the legislation such as eligibility, how the grants will be allocated, what will be the caps for funding, what fuels will be eligible and several other additional requirements.

When legislative action creates a new grant program, the administering agency must interpret the intent of the legislation. Sometimes the legislative language can be ambiguous so determining intent is not always easy.

Recently, Clean Fuels Ohio’s Policy Director and Executive Director held an initial meeting with Ohio EPA staff regarding preliminary thinking regarding rules, timeframe and process for creating and publishing the new program. Our staff, along with our government affairs team at The Success Group, will continue to work with state government as the program is developed. We will keep CFO members informed as the process continues over the coming months, and engage members in the alternative fuels industry and among fleets.

As always, contact Jason Phillips, Clean Fuels Ohio Policy Director, with any questions or concerns.

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