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Electric vehicles (EV) are quickly becoming the standard alternative to gasoline for everyday transportation, and Columbus is a great place to consider purchasing an EV thanks to the city's rapidly expanding charging infrastructure. There is a growing community in and around Columbus that already supports the EV market, and they're waiting for more residents and businesses to join in.

Easton Town Center is a leader among those businesses. The shopping center has just installed four new charging stations at their Gateway shopping plaza. This brings their total number of stations to nine, including four Tesla fast chargers. Now, when customers stop at any shopping or dining locations, they can charge their EVs, too! The recently installed ChargePoint chargers consist of three Level 3 DC fast chargers, and one Level 2 charging station.

The Level 3 charging stations are capable of charging a battery at 200 miles of charge per hour, and Level 2 can charge at about 25 miles per hour. With the addition of these stations, Easton continues to be a regional leader for adopting DC fast chargers at large shopping plazas. They have joined the likes of Wal-Mart in their recognition that EVs will be our cars of the future.

In places like Easton, drivers have new destinations to stop and charge their cars for fast fill-ups while they are out and about. Drivers can see real-time availability of the charging station and start a charging session from their cell phone. With Columbus winning the Smart City Challenge, it is likely we will see substantial growth in EV adoption within the next two years. EVs are only going to become a bigger part of our society.

Easton's chargers and others around the city are essential to encouraging more drivers to go electric. Many would-be EV owners are unable to overcome "range anxiety" or the fear that their battery will run out of power before reaching their destination or a suitable charging point. With increased workplace and commercial charging stations, drivers will have more places to fuel up and less reason to worry.

Businesses in places like Easton are also starting to realize the benefits of installing charging stations. As EVs become more popular, the presence of a charging station can make a grocery store or shopping center much more appealing compared to those without. Businesses that offer charging, therefore, have a competitive advantage among the growing number of EV-driving consumers.

To learn more about how your organization can install your own EV charger, visit Ohio EV Solutions.

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