Clean Fuels Ohio and Ohio Soybean Council Deepen Partnership to Deploy Biodiesel for Fleets

Biodiesel has played a major role in reducing fuel costs and emissions in Ohio through the last several years. Clean Fuels Ohio (CFO) and Ohio Soybean Council (OSC) have worked in partnership for close to 14 years to advance biodiesel use among Ohio’s fleets and increase its availability in the market. Now, with a grant just awarded by the Council to CFO, this work will continue in 2017.

In 2015, more than 1 million gallons of biodiesel-blend was used by fleets, resulting in a net savings of nearly 2,000 tons of CO2 emissions. Biodiesel is unique in its ability to be used at various blend levels. While diesel purchased at the pump can have up to 5% biodiesel content, higher blends of 20%-85% are used by diesel fleets throughout the state of Ohio to reduce harmful tailpipe emissions, improve fuel lubricity for better engine operation, and reduce overall fuel costs. No modifications are required to diesel engines for making the switch to biodiesel blends, and fleets that operate on fuel contracts can easily deploy biodiesel with current diesel refueling infrastructure.

Clean Fuels Ohio has been working with fleets to deploy biodiesel for many years. This includes educational workshops on biodiesel usage at the Midwest Green Fleets Forum, test driving with biodiesel equipment in Midwest Drives, and seeking grant funding/incentives for biodiesel-capable engines and equipment. Clean Fuels Ohio also collaborates closely with neighboring Clean Cities Coalitions in deploying the Clean Fuels Corridor, the world’s longest biofuels corridor along I-75, stretching the entire 6 state length of highway from Michigan to Florida.

In 2017, with support from Ohio Soybean Council, Clean Fuels Ohio plans to continue to work with fleets to expand usage of biodiesel across the state. Key to this will be our outreach and educational campaigning, incorporating biodiesel fleet success stories and usage strategies into various events throughout the year.

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