Lobby Day, 2017

This past Tuesday, it was our pleasure to host Clean Fuels Ohio’s annual statehouse lobby day. This year’s event was a tremendous success.

We were extremely fortunate that our event coincided with Senate hearings on Ohio’s General Operating budget. We were able to meet with over 20 legislators and their staff. Most of our discussions revolved around the needs of the alternative fuels industry which we think should include a second round of financial incentives once the existing round is spent. We also discussed the Volkswagen settlement. We urged our legislators to make sure any legislation regarding how settlement funding is to be spent is written correctly under the terms of the settlement so Ohio’s award is not jeopardized under the terms of the settlement.

In addition to financial incentives and the VW settlement, other topics included the impending road tax for both CNG and electric, allowing charging companies to charge by kilowatt hour and encouraging support for our school bus program. All our topics were well received by legislators. While some legislators may have issues with some of the details of these topics, nearly all were generally supportive of what we were asking for.

I wanted to extend a special thanks to this year’s sponsors including Earth Day Coalition, AMG Peterbilt, WWWilliams, Benchmark Biodiesel, Roush Clean Tech, Trillium, Workhorse, Autoflex AFV, Chargepoint, Vectren and AFV International. The representatives from these companies did an outstanding job of explaining the needs of the alternative fuels industry.

While we don’t know yet what the outcome of the day will be in the near term, we are continuing to gain momentum behind the overall work we are doing. I look forward to putting on another event next year and connecting more of our industry partners with elected officials.

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