2017 Ohio Green Fleets Awards

Congratulations to our 2017 Class of Ohio Green Fleets inductees!

2017 One-Star Certified Fleets: FST Logistics Based in Columbus, Ohio, FST Logistics first opened its doors in 1991 with 11 committed employees and a business model that solely focused on shipping and transportation efforts. Since then, FST has grown exponentially and now employs an average of 250 staff members at any given time and provides transportation services and warehousing capabilities in Central Ohio. FST’s goal is to continue to grow by employing the best minds and talent the transportation industry. As part of those efforts, FST Logistics now has 15 of its 75 over the road units running on natural gas.

With 20% of its fleet using cleaner burning, domestic, compressed natural gas fuel, Clean Fuels Ohio is proud to certify the FST Logistics, as a One-Star Ohio Green Fleet.

Muskingum County Sheriff’s Office The Muskingum County Sheriff’s Office is the chief law-enforcement agency in the county, with full police jurisdiction in all municipalities, townships, and villages. Based on Ohio statute, the Sheriff’s offices provide line law enforcement; court security and service of papers; jail operations; extradition process; and transportation of prisoners, all of which can and do involve patrol vehicles. In efforts to provide the most cost-effective and efficient patrol services for the citizens of Muskingum County, the Sheriff’s office has deployed propane autogas vehicles for 10 out of 30 patrol vehicles with plans to add 3-5 more next spring.

In recognition of these efforts, Clean Fuels Ohio is proud to certify The Muskingum County Sheriff’s Office, as a One-Star Ohio Green Fleet.

National Gas & Oil Cooperative National Gas & Oil Cooperative, as part of The Energy Cooperative Family of companies, provides natural gas services to more than 33,000 residential and commercial members within a six county area. This service is provided through a network of nearly 1,000 miles of distribution pipelines. The company is committed to providing its members with safe and reliable energy delivery and support services. As part of the company’s efforts, the National Gas & Oil Cooperative has deployed 17 propane autogas service vehicles out of its 51 vehicle fleet operations – making just over 33% of fleet operations running on cleaning burning, domestic, and cost-effective propane autogas.

In recognition of these efforts, Clean Fuels Ohio is proud to certify the National Gas & Oil Cooperative, as a One-Star Ohio Green Fleet.

2017 Three-Star Certified Fleets: NGO Propane NGO Propane, as part of The Energy Cooperative Family of companies, is a propane distribution cooperative that servers over 4,000 consumers in 8 counties. In 1998, NGO Propane was formed and became one of the first metered propane services in Ohio, thus allowing the member to pay only for the propane consumed each month. NGO Propane continually follows propane pricing markets to secure its customers the best pricing and supply for the heating season. In addition, six out NGO’s 13 delivery and support vehicles run on propane autogas. With nearly 50% of its service and delivery fleet running on cleaner burning, domestic, propane autogas,

Clean Fuels Ohio is proud to certify the NGO Propane, as a Three-Star Ohio Green Fleet.

2017 Five-Star Certified Fleets: Montgomery County, Solid Waste District The Montgomery County Solid Waste District provides waste disposal services for Montgomery and surrounding counties, while also provide recycling, waste reduction and litter prevention programs for Montgomery County schools, communities and businesses. Montgomery County Solid Waste maintains a heavy duty truck fleet operation to transport and transfer solid waste and recycling materials. Montgomery County Solid Waste District operates a Public Access compressed natural gas (CNG) station in partnership with Setterlin and IGS Energy CNG Services as well as 100% of its 14 refuse transfer trucks are powered by natural gas. By utilizing clean burning, domestic natural gas for its solid waste service vehicles, Montgomery County has significantly reduced its use of diesel fuel and associated vehicle emissions. In recognition o

f these efforts, Clean Fuels Ohio is proud to certify the Montgomery County Solid Waste District, as a Five-Star Ohio Green Fleet.

Arctic Express Based in Hilliard, Ohio, Arctic Express specializes in refrigerated transportation, serving much of the United States and parts of Canada. Arctic Express has taken extensive steps to reduce its fleet’s fuel consumption. The company has taken measures to reduce idling by utilizing auxiliary power units and automatic engine shutdown devices. In addition, Arctic Express has taken steps to improve vehicle efficiency by installing aerodynamic packages, reducing vehicle weight, and implementing automatic tire inflation kits to maintain optimal pressure. Most recently, Arctic Express has replaced 80 out of 140 of its refrigerated trailers with more energy efficient refrigeration systems and telematics packages, leading to a 50% reduction in trailer fuel use.

Clean Fuels Ohio is proud to recognize this achievement by certifying Arctic Express as a Five-Star Ohio Green Fleet.

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