EV Charging Station Rebates Now Available for Multi-Unit Dwelling Developers & Property Managers

The Smart Columbus Program is taking steps to address a major need for Electric Vehicle (EV) infrastructure: charging at multi-unit dwellings like apartment and condominium complexes. It’s no surprise that Columbus is experiencing a boom in the construction of new apartment and condominium buildings across the seven county Columbus metro area. As residents look to move to new condos or apartments in the urban core, those interested in purchasing an EV discover they have no ability to plug in their vehicle at home. According to the US Department of Energy, up to 80 percent of all EV charging is done at home. Being able to charge an EV at home overnight is critical to making the choice to purchase an electric vehicle. Lack of charging at multi-unit dwellings is a critical market barrier.

This is why Smart Columbus has launched its Multi-Unit Dwelling Rebate program. Selected developers applying for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) rebates can receive up to $25,000 per property for EVSE installations, if projects meet specific requirements. Developers and property managers can apply for rebates up to $3,500 per installed plug or parking space. Awardees of the rebate need to provide a 35% total project cost match.

In addition, charging stations must have the capability to capture data from charging sessions, and data must be reported to the Smart Columbus Electrification Program office for at least three years. This data will serve to create a model for other cities looking to spur EV adoption through similar programs. Developers and site managers will have a choice over a variety of charging equipment options and may include free charging as an amenity to residents or charging for access as a revenue stream or way to recoup costs.

Clean Fuels Ohio will be assisting the Smart Columbus office in processing, evaluating, and awarding the rebates. The rebate program has already received significant interest from local developers, with more applications expected in the coming weeks. Details on the application process can be found on the Smart Columbus website, and applications can be emailed to Nolan Rutschilling with the subject line “Smart Columbus MUD Rebate Application”.

Please feel free to direct any questions to Nolan Rutschilling or the Smart Columbus Office.

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