ALERT: Ohio’s Alternative Fuels Conversion Grant Funds Still Available but Going Quickly

(Columbus)—On March 20th, the Ohio EPA began accepting applications for the Alternative Fuels Conversion Grant. The grant is being administered by the Ohio EPA.

Grant will cover 50% of the incremental cost of a CNG or Propane vehicle up to $25,000. Vehicles weighing 26,000 pounds or more are eligible to apply. Vehicles must drive over 50% of their miles within the State of Ohio. Entities are capped at $400,000. Importantly, the Ohio EPA just recently clarified funding rules. Applicants need only provide documentation of a quote for an eligible CNG or Propane vehicle compared with a quote for a diesel or gasoline vehicle with the same specifications, then take the difference between the conventional and alternative fuel total vehicle. Applicants may receive a grant equaling 50% of this difference up to a maximum of $25,000 per vehicle.

Yesterday, March 21, the Ohio EPA contacted Clean Fuels Ohio (CFO) to report that they had received applications requesting half of the $5 million total in available funding. However, a substantial portion remains to be awarded immediately.

“There is a strong need for these grants in Ohio,” Executive Director Sam Spofforth said. “In less than two days, over half of the fund have been requested by qualified applicants. More remains, but fleets need to act fast!”

Trucking, school bus and municipal fleets from all over the state have expressed interest in transitioning to alternative fuels. While the initial cost is often a barrier to adoption, fleets typically will save money over the life of the vehicle. The return on investment (ROI) for an alternative fueled vehicle is usually between 3-5 years. The grant was designed to reduce the up-front investment and improve the ROI.

“We wanted our members to be aware that there are limited funds available so interested applicants need to get their request in as soon as possible,” Spofforth said. “Clean Fuels Ohio can help fleets interested in applying if they need it.”

The grant is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications must be submitted by e-mail.

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