Clean Fuels Ohio Assists with the Launch of National CNG, Propane and Hydrogen Training in Columbus

On June 13, Clean Fuels Ohio, in partnership with Marathon Technical Services, completed two days of training courses addressing modifications needed for the housing and maintenance of gaseous fueled vehicles in garages and facilities all around the country. The courses were held at the City of Columbus’ fleet building on the City’s east side. In addition to in-classroom training, tours of outstanding facilities around Ohio were given, including the City of Columbus’ fleet garage, the City of Dublin’s facility (CNG) and Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities garage (propane). The courses focused on modifications needed to house and maintain compressed natural gas (CNG) and propane vehicles. The courses were designed for first responders, fire fighters, fleet managers, and building and maintenance personnel.

Rob Adams, Principal, Marathon Corporation (far left), Kelly Reagan, Fleet Administrator, City of Columbus (far right) and other attendees.

The training is funded through a grant awarded to Marathon Technical Services from the U.S. Department of Energy. Clean Fuels Ohio is providing significant support by organizing the training session logistics in Ohio, then overseeing that same effort in partnership with several Clean Cities coalitions across the U.S. The objective of this project is to provide safety training and guidance related to maintenance and garage facility upgrades and building modifications that will support the use of EPACT defined natural gas, propane, and hydrogen commercially available alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs).

The project provides hands-on education to building code officials, facility designers, fleet managers, public safety officials, and other key stakeholders about the proper and safe way to design, build and operate garage and maintenance facilities for alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs). The project will provide print and online training materials, in-person training sessions and site tours of well-designed gaseous fuel garages. Case studies of well-conceived, well-executed and cost-effective upgrades will be provided that strike a balance between safety and cost.

Clean Fuels Ohio and Marathon will be hosting additional training throughout the remainder of 2018. Click here for more information and a list of upcoming training sessions.

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