Smart Columbus Launches Rebate Program for EV Taxi Fleets

On June 18, Smart Columbus announced the availability of $30,000 in rebate funding designed to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) by taxi services. The new Smart Columbus Transportation Service Provider Battery Electric Vehicle Rebate Program, which is expected to grow to $120,000 in total funding, is funded by the $10 million grant awarded to Columbus by the Paul G. Allen Philanthropies as the winner of the Smart City Challenge. By introducing more electric taxis to Columbus streets, the program seeks to foster sustainability, educate the public on EVs and capture data on EV usage. Clean Fuels Ohio is administering the program on behalf of Smart Columbus.

Rebates of $3,000 for 10 EVs are now available to taxi service providers that purchase one or more all-electric vehicles for their fleet. Upon the completion of the 10-vehicle pilot, the program is expected to grow to support an additional 30 vehicles. The next phase of the program will be published in October 2018 and may include additional transportation service providers besides just taxi companies.

The first round of rebates will be awarded to applicants that successfully demonstrate they will maximize EV miles driven, trips taken and number of passengers per trip. Consideration will also be awarded to providers that demonstrate that they will use the vehicle to educate riders on the benefits of EVs.

Those awarded rebates will receive half the rebate funding upon purchase of the vehicle, and half the funding after the vehicle has been commissioned for a full 12 months and the recipient has submitted monthly data on the vehicle’s utilization to Smart Columbus. Data will be used to inform future efforts to grow the ratio of EVs in transportation service provider fleets.

Rebate applications are now available on the Smart Columbus website. Search TSP rebate and download the form. Applications are due by June 29. As part of its role as program administrator, Clean Fuels Ohio is available to help taxi companies complete their application.

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