What Election Results Could Mean for Advanced Transportation in Ohio

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine won his bid to be the state’s next governor over Richard Cordray on November 6 when voters chose DeWine by a 50-46% margin. In the race to be Ohio’s next senator in Washington, current Senator Sherrod Brown defeated Congressman Jim Renacci by a total of 53-46%.

The change in the governor’s office will likely have an impact on the alternative fuel industry and advanced transportation. While the Kasich administration made several statements supportive of the industry, very few actions were taken to follow through. DeWine is expected to be more of an advocate early in his administration.

“We are looking forward to working with the DeWine administration to help us spur alternative fuels and advanced transportation technologies of all kinds,” said Jason Phillips, Policy Director, Clean Fuels Ohio. “I think the new governor will be in a great position to put policies in place that will reduce the barriers to adoption that we see every day. We have already assembled a list of priorities and are just waiting for the new team to be appointed.”

Mike DeWine. (Photo credit: ohioattorneygeneral.org)

Senator Brown will return to his position in Washington for another six-year term. Brown has been a major proponent of cleaner domestic and technologies throughout his tenure as senator. There is a growing movement however, that is working to make adoption more difficult. This movement is being orchestrated by certain special interests that are hostile to growth in these fuel and technology choices.

“There is a faction across the country working against what our industries are striving to achieve,” Phillips continued. “With all the political uncertainty in Washington right now, the robust support of both Ohio senators is necessary for us to continue progress to make these choices more available. Clean Fuels Ohio has an extremely strong relationship with both Senator Brown and Senator Portman.”

On election day, the U.S. Senate remained under Republican control and the House was taken over by the Democrats. If parties are interested in finding areas for cooperation, advancing these alternatives could provide opportunities. In Ohio, the state legislature maintained the status quo with heavy Republican majorities in both chambers. Clean Fuels Ohio has strong relationships on both sides of the aisle and met with numerous state legislative candidates during the election. The organization is optimistic about opportunities for progress at the state level.

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