Corridor Nominations Would Add Significantly to Ohio's CNG and EV Footprint

On January 30, 2019, the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) nominated several Ohio travel corridors for “signage ready” and “signage pending” status in the Alternative Fuels Corridor Designation System developed by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). These nominations included five separate interstate highways and two other major non-interstate routes in Ohio.

Clean Fuels Ohio (CFO) played a critical role in this process. This included research related to the nominations and writing a 27-page narrative and appendices with tables and maps providing specific details regarding existing CNG and DCFC locations and prospective locations on highway exits for additional locations. The process also was supported by Ohio Department of Transportation, several regional planning agencies and others.

“MORPC was pleased to collaborate with Clean Fuels Ohio, ODOT and several planning agencies around Ohio to develop and submit the application to FHWA,” said Thea Walsh, Director of Transportation Systems & Funding. “If these corridors are designated, Ohio will be in an excellent position to educate motorists and compete for alt fuels and EV charging infrastructure federal funding should that become available.”

The MORPC proposal responds to the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) round 3 solicitation for nominations for alternative fuel corridors. These nominations complement other Ohio corridors designated by FHWA through rounds 1 and 2. If approved by FHWA this spring, these designations will significantly expand efforts to educate commercial freight transporters and individual motorists about the availability of CNG and DCFC. They also will help advance efforts to develop new refueling and recharging infrastructure along these corridors. Perhaps most significantly, if positions Ohio extremely well to compete for any federal funding for infrastructure tied to these designations. Legislation has been introduced in Congress to that end, and Congress plans to take up reauthorization of the federal transportation law later this year.

The following corridor sections were nominated for CNG:

These corridors were nominated for DCFC:

For more information about the process and any specific details, contact Sam Spofforth, Executive Director, Clean Fuels Ohio, at

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