Smart Columbus Passes Major EV Consumer Adoption Milestone

In its February update, Smart Columbus announced that the Central Ohio region has surpassed their goal of increasing market penetration of electric vehicles (EVs). The stated goal was to increase new EV sales from 0.37% of total sales in 2015 to 1.8% in 2020, an increase of nearly 500%. The region not only achieved this goal earlier than planned, but also surpassed the benchmark. According to information from Smart Columbus, EVs made up 2% of 2018 vehicle sales in the region, which is defined as Franklin County plus the six other contiguous counties to Franklin.

“Clean Fuels Ohio is pleased to be working with Smart Columbus by organizing ride-and-drives and partnering with employers to educate their employees about the benefits of EVs,” said Brendan Kelley, Director of Drive Electric Ohio (DEO). “We’re also directly engaging local governments and reaching out to private companies to electrify their fleets and encouraging local governments to implement policies that make their communities EV-ready.”

DEO is building on the success in Central Ohio by employing lessons learned and best practices identified on a statewide basis. DEO staff are working with fleets, car dealerships, and policymakers all over the state to build EV market penetration. DEO chapters in Dayton, Cincinnati, Northeast Ohio, and Athens, as well as Columbus, organize ride-and-drives and other events to educate consumers and encourage them to contact their local policymakers to share the importance of making their communities EV-ready. Over the past year, DEO chapters have hosted dozens of events across Ohio and contacted many policymakers.

“Our chapters are very proud that the market share of EVs in Ohio has more than doubled since the chapters were first founded in 2017 and are excited to see market share increase even further in the future,” added Kelley.

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