New Video Promotes Incentives for Propane Autogas Vehicles in Ohio

Clean Fuel’s Ohio’s Andrew Conley was recently interviewed for a video on grants & incentives that are available for propane autogas vehicles. The video includes information about the Ohio Propane Gas Association’s propane vehicle rebate (up to $5,000 per entity, $1,000 each for vehicles or mowers), the Ohio EPA Alternative Fuel Conversion Grant, and the upcoming Ohio EPA VW Diesel Mitigation Grants. Click here for details on these opportunities.

Businesses and government organizations of all sizes have discovered that autogas vehicles deliver one of the lowest total cost-of-ownership of any fuel across many use cases and duty cycles. In addition, propane burns cleaner than gas and diesel, has low infrastructure costs, requires no maintenance facility upgrades, and offers substantially lower operational costs for many fleet applications. Autogas is almost entirely domestically produced. Fueling vehicles with autogas instead of gasoline or diesel increases U.S. energy security and provides more job opportunities here in Ohio. This clean, efficient motor fuel now powers everything from police cars, school buses, and delivery trucks to forklifts, lawnmowers and farm tractors.

Clean Fuels Ohio will be hosting an Autogas Answers workshop in partnership with the Propane Education and Research Council the first week of May in Central Ohio. At the workshop, propane autogas vehicles will be available for viewing and driving. The event will also include information about funding opportunities and other resources as well as the assistance that Clean Fuels Ohio can provide with autogas vehicles decisions. Interested fleet leaders may email Andrew Conley or call 614-884-7336 for more information.

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