Biodiesel a Drop-in Win for Ohio Green Fleets!

Clean Fuels Ohio is now seeking new fleets to certify into the Ohio Green Fleets program for 2019. Blended biodiesel at levels of B5 (5%) to B20 (20%) can offer a path to certification for most fleets with a large percentage of diesel vehicles.

“Using high-performing biodiesel fuel in blends from B5 (5%) to B20 (20%) is a “drop-in” win to improve fleet environmental performance without need for vehicle conversion or new infrastructure” said Andrew Conley, Fleet Services Director for Clean Fuels Ohio. “Using a blend of B20 is also a great step to earn recognition in the Ohio Green Fleets program, earning fleets recognition points by displacing 20 percent of petroleum diesel use while improving multiple categories of vehicle emissions” continued Conley.

Clean Fuels Ohio has strong partnerships with fleets who have successfully used biodiesel for years in a wide range of vehicle types and service cycles and is happy to provide connections to facilitate peer information sharing. Clean Fuels Ohio also has strong partnerships with statewide biodiesel blenders, distributors, and retailers to connect interested fleets on the highest quality biodiesel at the best price – including vendors with contracts guaranteeing B20 Biodiesel blends at or below the cost of conventional diesel.

The Ohio Green Fleets program is focused on significantly improving the environmental performance and fuel efficiency of all types of fleets, then recognizing them based on achievements. Learn more about the Ohio Green Fleets program. Typically, fleets that enter this program are users of alternative fuels, vehicle efficiency technologies, and/or idle reduction technologies. Ohio currently has 92 certified Green Fleets. Fleet leaders interested in being considered and potentially recognized for certification can complete a free enrollment form.

Email Tim Cho at Clean Fuels Ohio or call 614-884-7336 for more information.

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