Featured Track: Electrification – Gearing Up for an Electric Future (Vehicles, Charging, and Funding

Are you gearing up for an electric future? You won’t want to miss out on the Electrification focused track at the 2019 Midwest Green Transportation Forum & Expo that will feature an electric work vehicle and EV charging equipment showcase and provide perspectives and lessons learned in EV charging equipment deployment.

Electric vehicle and supply equipment technologies are advancing rapidly and as this happens, industry leaders and experts are seeing new opportunities for fleet electrification, EVSE and EV funding programs, and collaboration between a wide range of stakeholders from utilities, state agencies, and manufacturers.

The Electrification Track will include four breakout sessions on Thursday and Friday. They will address topics such as funding programs for electric vehicle charging stations, light, medium, and heavy-duty electric vehicles & technologies for fleets that exist in the industry today, the variety in electric vehicle charging equipment options available today, and what midwestern states are doing today to assess and plan for the future for EV charging stations. Several plenary speakers such as Atlas Public Policy’s Nick Nigro and Commissioner Dan Lipschultz from the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission will share their perspectives on the state of electrification and transportation.

Kelly Reagan, Fleet Administrator for the City of Columbus, which has purchased 200 EVs for the city’s fleet, commented: “There is growing need for EV charging capabilities, both locally and nationally, to meet demands from the rise in electric vehicle ownership. We need to continue having conversations focused on EV’s and charging infrastructure if we want to be prepared for a transportation future that will be increasingly electrified.”

The titles for the electrification track breakout sessions are listed below.

Thursday, September 19 [2:00 – 4:45pm]

Funding Programs for Electric Vehicle Charging

Light, Medium & Heavy-Duty EV Showcase

Friday, September 20 [9:00 – 11:45am]

EV Charging Showcase: Options for Site Hosts

Electric Vehicle Public Charging: What we need, where we need it, how to get there?

To learn more about the dates & times, descriptions and speakers for these sessions, visit 2019 MWGT Electrification Track Sessions.

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