Featured Track: Fleet Focus

The Midwest Green Transportation Conference is especially oriented toward fleets, with tracks and sessions designed to showcase best practices, solutions, and peer fleet experiences aiming to guide fleet decision making and improve fleet performance.

“Fleet attendees will have access to peer fleet leaders in private logistics, vocational, people transportation, government and other fleet sectors who have implemented solutions” said Sam Spofforth, Clean Fuels Ohio Executive Director. “You’ll be able to chat with experts and industry resources in a more productive setting rather than having to travel across the country and spend more time and money.”

Managing high-performing vehicle fleets with the lowest possible operational and administrative cost is the name of the game whether a fleet is using conventional fuels or alternative fuel and advanced vehicle platforms. While the goal of fleet management remains the same, a range of new data sources, digital tools, analysis platforms, and technological resources can help administrators minimize acquisition costs and capture maximum residual value. Join Clean Fuels Ohio and conference attendees to learn about the latest tools, technologies and platforms that are available to assist administrators in managing high performing fleets.

The titles for Fleet sessions featured at the Midwest Green Transportation Forum are listed below.

Wednesday, September 18

Next Generation Fleet Fundamentals: Utilizing the Latest Data, Best Practices, and Platforms (4 hours)

Thursday, September 19 [3:30 – 4:45 pm]

Local & Regional Freight & Last-Mile Delivery: Peer Fleet Experiences (1 hr 15 min)

Municipal & Vocational: Peer Fleet Experiences (1 hr 15 min)

Friday, September 20 [10:30 – 11:45 am]

Passenger Transportation: Peer Fleet Experiences (1 hr 15 min)

Data Analytics & Connectivity: Technologies & Peer Fleet Experiences (1 hr 15 min)

To learn more about the dates & times, descriptions and speakers for these sessions, visit: https://www.cleanfuelsohio.org/mwgt-2019-fleets-sessions

If you have any specific question, please contact Andrew Conley at Clean Fuels Ohio at Andrew@CleanFuelsOhio.org or (614) 884-7336.

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