Featured Track: Smart Mobility – Driving Innovation and Disrupting Society in the 21st Century

You won’t want to miss out on the Smart Mobility focused track at the 2019 Midwest Green Transportation Conference. These breakout sessions will address some of the fundamental topics of how mobility is changing today and the key factors that are driving this change.

As smart mobility takes form, industry leaders see potential challenges and pitfalls, including increased congestion, increased energy consumption, adverse environmental impacts, safety concerns from new modes, and uncertainties about how new transportation services can be integrated into existing ones.

The Smart Mobility track will include a smart mobility charrette on Wednesday and two breakout sessions on Thursday and Friday addressing topics such as the state of smart mobility today, policy oriented challenges and opportunities, and solutions for employers and employees related to modes of transportation. Several plenary speakers such as Creighton Randall, CEO & Principal Consultant from Mobility Development Partners and Megan Allen, EV Solutions Engineering Manager from Geotab will share their big picture perspectives on the state of shared and connected mobility.

Thea Walsh, Director of Transportation & Infrastructure at the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission and moderator of the charette panel commented, “Smart and shared mobility platforms allow both local regions and the national transportation sector to be more efficient in the use of energy and more diversified in the options for users. It is important that we bring everyone to the table to have a dialogue on how to best tackle the challenges and maximize the opportunities from Smart and Shared mobility.”

The titles for the smart mobility charrette and breakout sessions are listed below.

Wednesday, September 19 [1:00 – 4:30 pm] Smart Mobility Charette for Local and State Policy Makers, Planners and Key Stakeholders

Thursday, September 19 [3:30 – 4:45 pm] Smart Mobility: Challenges & Opportunities in a Changing Landscape

Friday, September 20 [10:30 – 11:45 am] Shared Solutions to Decarbonize Employer/Employee Transportation Needs

To learn more about the dates & times, descriptions and speakers for these sessions, visit 2019 MWGT Smart Mobility Track Sessions.

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