Clean Fuels Ohio Awarded Five (5) Major US Department of Energy Awards

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has selected Clean Fuels Ohio (CFO) for two new awards, as prime contractor, under the recent Clean Cities Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA). In addition, the DOE announced two other winning projects on which CFO is a major sub-contractor and played significant roles in supporting development of the applications. In all, CFO was successful in five of five DOE grants, including the Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) Maintenance award announced shortly before the most recent announcement, under a separate FOA.

Each award brings a unique new project and program through the DOE’s funding. NGV U.P.-T.I.M.E. takes a deep dive into maintenance costs for NGVs, while the EV Mobility Solutions project will launch an effort study and implement EV transportation opportunities in the heavy-duty market. The Decentralized Mobility project will analyze a model for EV adoption and infrastructure deployment for taxis, car-sharing and transportation network companies. CFO will act as a lead supporter on two other projects, one of which will collect and analyze EV and charging station data across all vehicle and station types and the other will study mobility solutions in rural South East Ohio through pilot programs. Full details on each award are outlined further below.

Andrew Conley, Clean Fuels Ohio’s Fleet Services Director, spearheaded Clean Fuels Ohio’s efforts on all three of the CFO-primed awards plus the two awards in which CFO played a significant role as sub-contractor. Several other team members made additional important contributions and CFO mounted these efforts over several months. “Andrew brought insight, experience, creativity and determined effort to this process. Our team did a tremendous job,” said Sam Spofforth, Executive Director for Clean Fuels Ohio. “Undoubtedly, Clean Fuels Ohio’s hard-won reputation as a leader with proven capabilities to perform was a significant factor in our success as well,” said Spofforth.

Work on these projects will officially kick-off in October of 2019 and will extend three full years. The five awards cover several different topics and incorporate and bring together stakeholders from Ohio and throughout the country.

Here are short summaries of each awarded project, beginning with the three that Clean Fuels Ohio will lead:

  • NGV U.P.-T.I.M.E. Analysis: Updated Performance Tracking Integrating Maintenance Expenses

  • This project will implement a proven, multi-data set analysis approach to clearly determine the maintenance cost differences between compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle technology generations (current state-of-the-art and previous) and current advanced clean diesel engines (post-2010 and post-2017).

  • Heavy-Duty EV Demonstrations for Freight & Mobility Solutions

  • Project team members Clean Fuels Ohio and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory will utilize all available data on operations performance, maintenance, costs, and environmental benefits to perform analysis on these pilots as well as create case studies to share with other fleets for replication and scale.

  • Decentralized Mobility Ecosystem: Market Solutions for 21st Century Electrified Mobility

  • The goal of this project is to demonstrate an operationally and economically successful model for EV adoption and charging station deployment in transportation service fleets (taxis, car-sharing fleets, transportation network companies “TNCs”, etc.) and by major parking providers (universities, airports, hotels, corporate campuses, etc.).

Clean Fuels Ohio will play active support roles in these two projects:

  • EV-WATTS: Electric Vehicle Widescale Analysis for Tomorrow’s Transportation Solutions (Lead Partner: Akimeka, LLC)

  • Akimeka’s Energetics Division is developing a proposal for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to collect and analyze plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) and charging station usage for a wide range of vehicle types, classes, and applications.

  • ROADMAP: Rural Open Access Development Mobility Action Plan (Lead Partner: Rural Action)

  • ROADMAP will study how multiple mobility solutions function in rural SE Ohio by piloting three demonstration projects: 1) Pilot one AFV small fleet bus route operated by HAPCAP/Athens Public Transit in Athens County; 2) Pilot one to three AFV vehicles at strategic car sharing hubs in 50% rural communities with Sway Mobility; 3) Pilot an Autonomous Vehicle (AV) study with ODOT/DriveOhio, TRC

If you’re interested in learning more about the funding projects, please feel free to reach out to Megan at 614-884-7336.

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