Clean Fuels Ohio Membership Updates

Over the past several months Clean Fuels Ohio staff have been actively engaging in program planning for 2020. Not only can members expect multiple opportunities throughout the new year to gain insight and connect with solution-providers and end-users, but members will also see a variety of new member benefits included in their membership package.

Because Clean Fuels Ohio is increasing staff capacity, we can provide value to our members beyond what was previously possible. Members at higher levels can expect additional assistance with public relations and media exposure where appropriate, access to our customizable menu of media engagement options, the ability to host job postings and other advertisements on our website and much more. Beginning at the bronze level, members will also enjoy access to our yearly report as well as social media engagement options and more. Check out our write up to view the full list of new additions to our membership packages. Please note, members will continue to receive the benefits they’ve been enjoying with their packages in addition to the new benefits listed above.

We have also created several new member categories for interested parties. Potential new members can now join at the Fleet and Other Implementer level for continued organizational recognition, engagement in our professional network, and discounted tickets to the Midwest Green Transportation Forum & Expo. Nonprofits interested in a low-level partnership can join at the Nonprofit Member level; these members receive a steeply discounted membership and recognition on all of our platforms as well as discounted tickets to the Midwest Green Transportation Forum & Expo and the ability to submit a guest blog once per year in our monthly newsletter. Individual donors will also be recognized online and in our newsletter for donations above $25 and will also receive discounted tickets to our annual conference.

Clean Fuels Ohio has not restructured our membership benefits for fee structure in almost a decade and with the increased benefits will come an increased fee. Because we would like to give our members time to fit the new fees into their budget, our organization has decided to give members the opportunity to commit to renewal at the current rate. Members will begin receiving the additional benefits in January 2020. Members expiring between now and December of 2020 will have until February 28, 2020 to provide written commitment to renew. Those who commit before the end of February will lock in the added benefits at the

original rate and will not be subject to increased rates for an additional year, Those who do not will have to pay the additional fee.

Now is the time to secure your membership. If you or your team has questions about your membership with us, please contact Rachel Ellenberger, Business Development and Communications Manager, at or 614-884-7336 ext:310 .

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