Ohio Electric Vehicle Charger Bid List Includes Clean Fuels Ohio Members

In late December 2019 the Ohio Department of Administrative Services approved four bids from electric vehicle supply equipment contractors. The bid list will allow Ohio government agencies to streamline and simplify their approaches to acquiring electric vehicle charging equipment both for fleet applications and public use.

Following the Department of Administrative Services’ September invitation to bid, Drive Electric Ohio Director, Brendan Kelley, and other Clean Fuels Ohio staff supported the bid submission process for all four of the finally approved bids. The approved contractors included three current Clean Fuels Ohio members: ChargePoint, Dublin-based EVunited, and Cincinnati-based Donovan Energy. Shaker Heights-based Sway Mobility’s bid was also approved.

All four competitively priced contracts met safety, efficiency, and operational industry standards. Bids were also required to include either “Level 2” chargers or higher performing “Direct Current Fast Chargers;” three out of the four bids did.

The electric vehicle charging equipment bids, which will be available to all Ohio state and local government agencies, are expected to allow them to simplify their approach to procuring electric vehicle chargers which will in turn encourage the transition of public fleets to electric vehicles.

“Electrified fleets can provide a decrease in fuel and service costs leading to an overall decrease in long-term costs compared with traditionally fueled fleets,” said Kelley. “The stability of charging equipment pricing provided by the bid list will also grant government agencies in Ohio a greater ability to anticipate future costs. This, in turn, will allow Ohio agencies to better take advantage of over $11 million in funds directed toward charging as part of the Volkswagen settlement distributed by the Ohio EPA.”

Placement on the bid list is also expected to positively impact the three Ohio-based contractors included.

“We are thrilled and honored to have been selected by the DAS as a contract award recipient for electric vehicle chargers and equipment,” commented Jeff Martin, Partner at Donovan Energy. As a young company seeking to grow our business here in Ohio, this type of opportunity helps establish our position as one of the state’s most knowledgeable sources for turnkey, EV charging solutions. We look forward to working directly with State of Ohio Agencies, State Institutions of Higher Education and members in good standing with the DAS Cooperative Purchasing Program to procure and install the EV charging equipment that best meets their needs.”

“Range anxiety,” the fear of running out of charge without access to an electric vehicle charger, remains the chief rationale preventing drivers from adopting electric vehicles. The increased prevalence of chargers (especially of DC fast chargers) will directly combat this fear and other negative perceptions of electric vehicles held by consumers.

Development of an electric vehicle charger bid list represents a broad trend among state and local governments encouraging electric vehicle use across all sectors as the industry continues to develop and provide economic and environmental benefits to adopters.

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