VW Awards by the Numbers

As of December 12, 2019, Ohio has awarded two rounds of VW Settlement funding through the Ohio EPA Diesel Mitigation Trust Fund (DMTF). The grant program is investing $75 million over 10 years to reduce nitrogen oxide pollution in Ohio. The U.S. EPA and the state of California took action against Volkswagen and its affiliated companies for violations against the Clean Air Act. The grants are funded from this enforcement and are allocated to Ohio from the resulting settlement.

Please see below for more information summarizing the status of the Ohio EPA’s awards to date and how that is tracking with the state’s Beneficiary Mitigation Plan for spending these funds on the Agency’s VW program webpage.

First, the following graph provides a summary of the Plan’s funding amounts per category, along with the amount awarded to date in each category:

For a deeper dive on how these numbers break down by vehicle fuel type:

“Clean Fuels Ohio would like to see the Ohio EPA provide more funding to alternative fuel vehicles in the final VW DMTF grant rounds,” said Sam Spofforth, Executive Director of Clean Fuels Ohio. “The Ohio VW DMTF program represents a rare infusion of incentives to replace diesel vehicles with inherently cleaner technologies that can benefit Ohio’s advanced vehicle manufacturing supply chain and economy, as well as provide for environmental benefits for years to come.”

If you are a fleet interested in applying for alternative fuel vehicle projects during the next round of funding set to be released in June 2020, contact Andrew Conley, Consulting Services Director at 614-884-7336 or at andrew@cleanfuelsohio.org. Also contact Clean Fuels Ohio if you are interested in applying for funding under the upcoming EV Charging Station rounds of Ohio EPA VW Program or have any questions.

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