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Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, we have been actively engaging lawmakers and public officials to provide quick responses to constituent concerns and industry opinions on the topics being discussed each day. Until recently, a lot of the decisions being made from the administration were reactive to the daily challenges of the COVID-19 crisis; however, Ohio Governor DeWine has proclaimed the need to start acting and begin the conversations on how we rebuild as a state and kickstart the economic engines of Ohio back into gear.

This will require active engagement from advocates to overcome the negative impacts of the COVID-19 crisis. We are starting to see this approach in the form of study groups and task forces made up of lawmakers and businesses from across the state. We have been monitoring how to position Clean Fuels Ohio (CFO) as a stakeholder in these discussions, so CFO can participate on matters pertaining to their members. More details on these groups will become available soon, but it will be essential to identify areas to share our perspective.

Additionally, the Transportation/Operating Budgets have become even more of a focus now given the economic impact brought on from COVID-19. Governor DeWine has tasked his cabinet to cut up to 20% of costs from their departments. We have not heard any potential cuts pertaining to us yet, but it is important to maintain an open line of communication with department officials. We are identifying items of importance to CFO and building upon the work we have done in previous budgets.

Policy discussions will continue to engage with tax incentives on EV purchases, retail electric service laws, in addition to our work on the VW settlement timeline/priorities with the EPA and lawmakers. Our continued participation with the coalition and legislature will be important as we advocate for changes we wish to see implemented.

The Success Group stands by all our clients especially in this time of economic crisis when our services are needed most. We look forward to continuing our work with Clean Fuels Ohio to help their members get through this and move towards economic recovery.

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